Friday, January 11, 2019

Death of Larry Cunningham and the song Float On-Zach's synchronicity-2016 Flipper-Aquarius-Water

I just went to Youtube and I see Zach had synchronicity with the death of Larry Cunningham and the song "Float On" by The Floaters. 
Notice how the song is on the B-Side called "Everything Happens For a Reason"....Something I have been saying forever in regards to synchronicity and everything being pre planned. 

I know I'm supposed to see this too as look at the first main lyric in the song. "Aquarius and my name is RALPH". 
I just made the video talking about the connections I have with Zach and the death of my uncle. If you remember my Uncles death had a lot to do with the Age of Aquarius and Ralph Kramden(Honeymooners). 
Then my grandma died in connection to Ralphie May later that year. 

A lot of the stuff was about "Flipping The script" and that's why it was important to the Miami Dolphins and FLIPPER...also the band Flipper.....Notice in that post I even talked about the 164th episode of the Flintstones being a play on Flipper. I've been mentioning 164 a whole lot as it's guiding me to something I don't understand yet. 

There was a lot of the Stand By Me Stuff that was pointing to WATER too which is interesting in regards to Aquarius. Possibly that's why the Drowning theme was so important in 2018 too. 

I went to Facebook just now to see if Larry Cunningham would be on there to see his bday...notice the first post that comes up is from "The Waters" lol. 
He dies age 67 in the year 19'. 
19th prime is 67. 
Larry Cunningham=83
Float On=83
Detroit, Michigan=83

Also when I think of the song called "Float On" I instantly think of Modest Mouse who got their name from a Virginia Woolf story called "The Mark on the WALL".....can't stop thinking about Roger WATERS/Pink Floyd/The Wall.

Thinking about it too... Zach was born in time of Cancer which is a WATER sign. I'm a Scorpio which is a WATER sign. 
In the song, the lyrics are "Cancer and my name is Larry". 

What else is interesting is that the upcoming eclipse comes in the beginning of Aquarius. 

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  1. There was the death of Galt MacDermot December 17, 2018 (1st day of Saturnalia) at 89 one day before his 90th birthday. He is the composer of "Hair" and the song "Age of Aquarius". Interesting that his songs are heavily sampled in the earlier Hip Hop music.