Monday, January 21, 2019

Covington High School disrespects OMAHA Tribe Elder at the LINCOLN Memorial

Look at this story of the kid supposedly mocking the Elder Native American at the LINCOLN Memorial. 
Think about this in regards to the Nebraska Cornhuskers stuff I have been saying is important. 
Nebraska plays in MEMORIAL Stadium. 

Notice the Native America was of the OMAHA Tribe too. I mean how many times do I have to say this is connected lol. 
Remember the Omaha People brought the Mormons to the Omaha/Kanesville area by an illegal treaty. Also the town I live in killed Chief Yellowsmoke of the Omaha's and when they came to kill the whole town it was saved by the Freemasons. The Omaha's somehow knew masonic hand symbols and believed the freemasons the people who killed him had fled the town. 
Dunlap, Iowa=154
Native Americans=154
Abe LINCOLN died on 15/4. 

The Omaha's were important to why I thought the Indians would play the Cubs in 2016. Then we got the Dakota Access Pipeline stuff in the media just before the World Series. 
The RAMS are originally from Cleveland named after MOSES CLEAVELAND. The Omaha people were originally the MAHA People from the area of Ohio. 

Native American Elder=118...the story comes on 1/18. 

The whole thing supposedly started because of some men who called themselves Hebrew Israelites were talking smack to the kids. 
Think about Hebrew Israelites in regards to the Moses theme I have been talking about. 

This guy was also in the Skrillex Video for...
Make it Bun Dem=118
What are the odds it was filmed at LINCOLN Park, Michigan. 

This is really interesting as the narrative Chiefs/Dolphins before Super Bowl 51 was a lot to do with the beginning and the end...The Chiefs were in Super Bowl 1 and so on...
The Reason it sticks out is because I know Skrillex was in the band "From First to Last" before he got really famous. Think about how Tom Brady beat the RAMS in his first Super Bowl win ever and now he's playing the RAMS in what could be his Last Super Bowl appearance. 

The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated by president Warren G. Harding. 
Remember Warren G. Harding was a president who died in office and just so happened to die in SAN FRANCISCO. Think about how that connects to Nebraska, Levis Stadium and on...
A lot more that goes with it such as him dying on 8/2 which is the day the declaration of independence was approved. 
Flag=34(Jewish) and 82(reverse)

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  1. 10:53 PM
    you guys ready for a wild prediction for SB 53?
    Patriots backup qb finishes the game
    Brian Axel Hoyer
    B.A.H = 218
    he was 10,013 days old when Francis became Pope and SB 53 will be 113 days after his bday
    He went to St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland Ohio!!!