Sunday, January 6, 2019

Colts and Cowboys win to open the NFL Playoffs-Levi's Stadium/Nebraska connections from 2016

How interesting the Colts and the Cowboys both win to begin the playoffs. I've recently talked about this negative energy that reminded me of 2016 just before we learned reverse gematria. A huge thing I talked about was the connection to the Colts vs Cowboys in Super Bowl 5. It was played on the 17th day of 71' in the Orange Bowl and it was 17 days after Nebraska won their first championship in the Orange Bowl with 17 points. 
It was a first for College and NFL to have the championship on Artificial Turf. 
Artificial Turf=624(Jewish) also 153(17th triangular)
Think how the college football championship will be on 1/7 this year in Levi's stadium in which I've been saying is important to this season. 
Moses=17, 71
It had a lot to do with Teddy Bridgewater as well. Think of how he got his first start with the Saints in week 17. 

Literally everything in my old information was seemingly pointing to the Rams. Bridgewater knocked out against the Rams..Moses/Aries/The Ram/Death of Lawrence Phillips ex Ram and a lot more. 

I was talking about the death of Nebraska's Punter, Mich St. Mike Sadler and the player who survived was LSU's Colby Delahoussaye too. Now this year LSU beats Scott Frost's ex-team UCF in their Bowl game. Nebraska was in it's 117th season being the Huskers and upset Mich St. the previous year on 11/7. Dwayne Wade was important to it as well and his bday is 1/17. He attended the Nebraska game on 9/5 that leaves 117 days in the year. 

LSU makes me think of the Saints again though. 

Super Bowl V=117(reverse) 

Think about BRIDGEwater and all the Bridge symbolism. 

Also a big thing in the game tonight with the Seahawks vs Cowboys was the broken leg of # 17. 

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