Sunday, January 20, 2019

A lot of 41 focus so far in the Saints vs Rams game-Alvin Kamara # 41 of the Saints-Marqui Christain # 41 of Rams

The Saints vs Rams game is the game that takes a team to the Super Bowl. 
Just before the end of the half # 41 of the Rams got a holding penalty on him after a Saints punt. Then on the Rams drive they stayed on the 41 yard line for a while before finally getting a TD. 

They keep putting emphasis on # 41 Alvin Kamara of the Saints too. 

Notice #41 Alvin Kamara's bday is 179 days before today and 194(end date) before the Super Bowl. 
179 is the 41st prime number. 
Super Bowl=41
Alvin Kamara=194
Alvin Mentian Kamara=179

Marqui Christian=99 and 225
He wears # 41 for the Rams..
Notice his bday is 99 days before the Super Bowl in the 99th season. Also today is 2 months 25 days before his bday. 

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