Sunday, January 6, 2019

Eagle named "Clark" lands on Notre Dame Fan at Cotton Bowl-Death of Dwight Clark(Clemson)-The Catch-Joe Montana(Notre Dame

This has to be connected to the Eagle who landed on James Paxton on 4/5. 
Bald Eagle=49 and 50(rev red)
Notre Dame=49
Cotton Bowl=50

Considering how I've mentioned the championship being played on 1/7 in Levi's stadium that's important to the kneeling...this story has to be connected to the death of Dwight Clark. 
Notice the Eagles name is "Clark"....
Notre Dame was playing Clemson in the Cotton Bowl.  
Dwight Clark went to Clemson and Joe Montana went to Notre Dame. (The Catch)
Think about the 49ers in regards to the above too. 
Clark's death was all about the Eagles winning last year. 
Clark remembered for "The Catch" against the Dallas Cowboys....the Cotton Bowl played at AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play. 
Side note: Clark wore # 87...Tight End=87...Cowboys=87

Oddly enough Clark died 208 days before this happening. I have seen a bunch of 208 tonight. 
Notre Dame Fan=208(Clark the eagle landed on)
Fighting Irish=208
Southern California=208(Bowling shooting)
Knicks vs Wizards=208
New Orleans Saints=208

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