Monday, January 21, 2019

T-Wolves win with 116 points on night of Wolf Moon-Teen Wolf-Atlantis

The T-wolves won with 116 points on the same day the Blood Wolf Moon begins. 
Teen Wolf=116
Michael J. Fox's bday is 116 days after Lupercalia begins. 
Also think about the T-wolves being connected to the Moon and they were playing the SUNS. 
Phoenix Suns=56
Scott Howard=56
Michael J. Fox=56
All the other 56 stuff with Kevin Garnett and so on...

Remember Michael J. Fox got his first tattoo 7 months 1 day after his bday. 
First Tattoo=71
The Ten Commandments=71
The College Football Championship on 7/1 in Levi's Stadium. 

All of the Teen Wolf stuff is important because the Super Bowl will be played in Atlanta. Michael J. Fox is the main character named "Milo" in the film Atlantis. 
Today is 1/20. 

Interesting the film Atlantis came out 100 days before 9/11/2001. 
Teen Wolf=100

It's also interesting I have a post from 9/30 where I talked about the death of Jim Varney being in connection to the 2000 election and the Rams winning the Super Bowl. Jim Varney's last film was Atlantis too. 

Also I'm thinking about MAROON 5 playing the halftime show in regards to the color of the Blood Moon. 

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