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Super VII(72' Dolphins) and the 77 connections to Elvis' Aloha in Hawaii-Black Sunday 1977-Neil Young-Moon-P.O.D. Satellite Album released on 9/11/2001

It's interesting earlier I randomly documented about the film "Black Sunday" in regards to my old post about the 72' Dolphins. 
So just a few minutes ago I went back and looked at an old video I had on the 72' Dolphins being the same day as "Aloha in Hawaii: Via Satellite" by Elvis. 
In the video I talk a lot about the number 7 but more specifically the number "77". 
Such as the big play that ruined the Dolphins from winning 17-0 in their 17-0 season was "Garo's Gaffe"...GG...77. 
Garo went to Kick a 41 yard field goal, but it was blocked by # 77(Bill Brundige) and then instead of jumping on the ball he tried to pick it up and throw it. It was then caught by #41(Mike Bass) and returned for 49 yards for a TD. 
Garo's Gaffe=49
Super Bowl=41(I see wiki has now changed it to 42 yards though)
The game was 77 days before Bass' bday. 
The game was on the 14th of January....7+7=14
Garo born on the 154th day of the year...77+77=154
Brundige quit playing football in 77'. 
Elvis died in 77'. 
Aloha From Hawaii=77
Aloha from Hawaii aired the same day as Super Bowl "7" (72' Dolphins)
The Address of the concert was 777 Ward Ave. (Neil S. Blaisdell Center). 
The center could hold 7,700 people for sporting events. 

Wikpedia of the Neal S. Blaisdell center also tells us of what many consider the biggest upset in sports history when Ralph Sampson's Virginia Team lost. Notice Ralph Sampson born on 7/7. 

The largest religious event at the Blaisdell center was the enthronement of Joseph Ferrario who died age 77. Appointed Auxilary Bishop in 77'. 

Joe Robbie the owner of the Dolphins at the time was born on 7/7 and died on the 7th day of the year. 

While reading about Joe Robbie again tonight I see they mention on Wiki how he had a small part in the film Black Sunday. Black Sunday takes place at Super Bowl X that was in real life held in Miami. 
Notice the film came out in 77' though. 

It also says on that film wiki page how it inspired a scene with Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill....This only sticks out to me because Hannah is Neil Young's wife and his Ex-wife just died. 
I'm thinking about the song "Harvest Moon" being a tribute to his ex-wife too. We have the upcoming Wolf Moon. The moon is the Earth's "Satellite". Think about that in regards to Elvis' concer that was Via SATELLITE. 
With all the 77 it makes me think of 9/11 too and currently it is 77 years after the Pentagon was constructed. I have a weird memory of 9/11 as I remember the band P.O.D.'s album called "Satellite" came out that day. The album has the song "Boom" on it too.

It's interesting watching the video for "Boom" as well. It's not the type of video P.O.D. would normally make and it's at a sporting arena. They show us the blimp multiple times too which just makes me think of the Black Sunday cover.....They are playing a Ping Pong tournament in the video...
Ping Pong=53

Gonna have to watch that Black Sunday movie although I think it looks terrible. We'll see. 

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