Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bob Kuechenberg dies at 71-Dolphins perfect season and Bullying Scandal

He dies 90 days after his bday. 
Bob Kuechenberg=71(rev red)
He died age 71. 
Miami=71(Francis Bacon)
Super Bowl LIII=71

I have to go pick up Claire, but I'll look more into this later. 
The 71 reminds me of a bunch of stuff I have documented with the Bullying scandal. Remember the 72' Dolphins visited the White House in connection to the Bullying Scandal in 2013.  Jonathan Martin wore # 71 for the Dolphins.....Also the Nebraska/Rams/Chiefs stuff was connected to the Dolphins...
In 2013 we got a story in August about a new Star found in the Delphinus(Dolphin) constellation. 
Then a few days later the 72' Dolphins went to the White House for the first time. 
Then a few days later we got a story of 228 dead dolphins on the east coast. Funny the story says 164 in Virginia alone. It was 164 days before Super Bowl 48..(been talking about 164). 
The 72' Dolphins visited the Whitehouse 72 days before Incognito was suspended. 
SB 48 was the domestic violence....Harbaugh vs Harbaugh. 

Random thought I want to look at too. I wonder if there has ever been a same city Super Bowl? Thinking about the Chargers/Rams....Los Angeles....the 1989 World Series? 
My son woke up this morning and I was showing him the movies on Netflix while I sat him down for food. He smiled at this movie so I turned it on....just funny now thinking about how the "Bolts" are playing the Patriots right now. 
Also on Friday I went to the Casino with my mom and some lady won $15,000 on a machine called "Lightning". 


  1. Martin Luther King Jr Day on the 21st of January this year (21/12), even though he was born on 1/15/1929 (1/15, 115). MLK would be 90 years old if he were alive (Death = Loss).

    "Robert John Kuechenberg"=228(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Martin Luther King Jr."=228(English Ordinal)
    "Death"=228(English Sumerian)

    KuechenBERG DOB is OCTOBER 14, 1947(47), (10/14, 1014, 114)
    October is the month for the World Series and it was the 114th, the next World Series is the 115th.

  2. Hey Dan, Have you looked into the hidden Transgenderism going on in The Mainstream? How every mainstream actor is an Inverted Gender Satanist Baphomet Worshipper. None of these "actors" die in REAL LIFE but you and Zach and Derek keep making it seem like they are "Ritual Sacrifices"... You really think the Synagogue of Satan are really going to kill off their puppets? C'mon.