Thursday, January 3, 2019

Death of Mean Gene Okerlund in relation to Hulk Hogan/Philadelphia

It's funny as just last night I made a video talking about August 11th and Hulk Hogan in regards to Summer Slam 2019 being on 8/11. Now today we get the death of Mean Gene Okerlund who has a history with Hulk Hogan. 
Mean Gene Okerlund=164
Terry Bollea=164
Terry GENE Bollea=164

Announcer=42.....1+2+20+19=42....He was born in 42'. 
It's also interesting he dies on 1/2/19....His bday was Dec. 19th or 12/19....

He dies 221 days before Hulk Hogan's bday...
Eugene Okerlund=221...also 76...he dies age 76. 
Mean Gene Okerlund=79(rev red)

The 221 number stands out in regards to what I was talking about in 2015 too in regards to San Francisco. 2/21 is the 52nd day of the year. The reflection is 122 and 5/2 is the 122nd day of the year. 
San Francisco=122...located on 122W
Pope Francis=122
Hulk Hogan=52
5/2 was important because Michael Jordan was 52 years old that year...Also Princess CHARLOTTE was born on 5/2 the same day as the Mayweather fight and the Kentucky Derby. Elizabeth II was connected to the Kentucky Derby and American Pharoah...Elizabeth became Queen in 52 age 25 and so on...

I'm also interested that his full name equals 243 in regards to what I talked about in my video last night. 
Eugene Arthur Okerlund=243
August 31st is the 243rd day leaving 122 days...This is the day Apollo Creed died in 1985 and it was 99 years after the worst recorded East Coast Earthquake in the US(Charleston 1886). It's also the day Princess Diana died and more(remember Charles connected to Earthquakes). 
Charleston where the Civil War began....Hulk Hogan...Philadelphia Derringer...BROTHER....Nigger comments got him dropped from WWE..but comes back for the Crown Jewel. 

Also his nickname "Mean" is perfect for the day he died. 
Mean=21 and 76(Jewish)
He dies on 1/2 or 2/1 age 76. 

It's also interesting how Wikipedia makes sure to tell us Gene was the first to sing the National Anthem as Wrestlemania. 
August 11th is important to the National Anthem because it's the 223rd day of the year. 
Think about Hulk Hogan....Real American....
The Star Spangled Banner=223
War of Eighteen Twelve=223
Another Patriotic wrestler I have been watching for is Hacksaw Jim Duggan as he was connected to the death of both my Uncles Barney and Clancy. 

Notice Mean Gene dies 3 months and 5 days before Wrestlemania 35 as well. 
Mean Gene=35
WM 35 is in New Jersey which sticks out considering I mentioned a bit about New Jersey and Bridgegate in the video last night. 
Let me tell you something=95

WM 1 where Mean Gene sang the National Anthem is also interesting as the main event was Hogan and Mr. T winning over Roddy Piper's team. Think about Hogan and Mr. T in regards to Rocky III. It was also in 1985 which is the year Apollo Creed dies. 
Mr. T's bday is 5/21..."Philadelphia"=521(satanic)

Age 76 also reminds me of the 76ers in Philadelphia, but possibly nothing. It's interesting that they beat the Phoenix Suns who scored 127 points...The Royal Rumble will be in Phoenix on 1/27. 
Phoenix Suns=164 and 52(rev red)

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  1. I mentioned the 243 and Princess Diana last night when I called into Zach's show. Islamic New Year is in 8/31 this year. Pope Francis visited Americs 1440 days before Islam turns 1440 lunar years old. And Venus has strong 243 connections as well. 243 day rotational period. 243 year transit cycle. Strong feminine themes going on this year. Americs turns 243 and it's the Centennial of the 19th amendent.