Monday, January 14, 2019

A Cigar theme with synchronicity today-2nd anniversary of Barney's death

This morning at work some kid got a can of Chew and my boss was up front with me. She gave him crap about kissing a girl with Chew in his mouth, and he should quit. I then started telling her about the first and only time I ever took a dip. I was a little kid and my cousin was smoking cigars and chewing with her friends. She she made me and a few others do it too, so we couldn't tell on her. We were also watching the Playboy channel and we didn't want her to tell on us about that either. 
Anyway this story led into another story about my Uncle Barney driving me to the High School football games as a kid. He used to smoke Cigars and hot box me on the way though. I used to pretend I was sleeping, but really I was trying to get air out of the crack in the door. He not only smoked the Cigars though, he would chew them and then swallow them as well....I later realized today is January 14th which is the 2nd anniversary of his death. Bonus synchronicity, I'm listening to Chigozie's live stream while typing this up and just as I was wrote Barney above he said "Barni". 

So a little while after me telling this story about Chew and Cigars I get a notification on my phone of a comment on an old video. They mention a Cigar is just a Cigar. At this time it never registered to me. 

It finally made sense to me later on in the day as I went to Zach's blog and the first top post he had at the time was about a "Cigar" shaped object in space. 
So I'm not sure the point of it, but there is something to do with Cigars it seems today that I'm supposed to get.....
Barney=29, 34, 97
Cigar=29, 34, 97

Possibly nothing but I find it interesting that the message above is 669. 
"And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Up the Voltage"=669
Barney worked for 669 Sprinkler Fitters, and got me a job there at one time too. It was an important number that sticks out in my memory with him. He gave me and my friends a bunch of shirts with the logo on it and we loved them because of the "69". 

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