Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Burger KING Trolls Donald Trump for Misspelling Hamburgers as Hamberders

Donald Trump=48, 60
Hamberders=48, 60
Clemson Tigers=60

Berder King=60

Burger King=112

Another story that involves "King" on MLK Jr's bday. 
There's a story about "Gillette" today and the owner of Gillette was named "King Gillette". Brexit connected to the Royal Family...also a story of Meghan Markles baby today. 
Gillette has to be coded to something with the Patriots who play in Gillette Stadium too. 
Steve KING story still high up on the list today as well. 
A story of an attack in Kenya today as well. Think about that in regards to MLK Jr.-Kenya-Obama-Black People. Kenya is where the Lion King setting came from. Obama said he was the Lion King. 

This story was even headlined on Yahoo earlier...the lady from the KING of Queens. 

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