Sunday, January 20, 2019

Taysom Hill plays for the New Orleans Saints-2015 BYU beating Nebraska with a Hail Mary Game

Watching the Rams vs Saints game and I heard the announcer say Taysom Hill. I had no idea he played for the Saints. Remember he is important to when BYU beat Nebraska with a Hail Mary in 2015. 
BYU the Mormon team. 
Nebraska was winning 28 to 27 and they put in their kicker # 34 who missed. It would've gave them 3 points making them up by 4. 
Then the announcers say BYU starting at their 34 yard line even though it wasn't. Then drove it 34 yards...
Sam Foltz got injured after his 34 yard punt. The only player checking to see if he was ok was # 34 Terrell Newby who was the leading rusher of the game for Nebraska. 

Taysom broke his foot on his 34th pass attempt of the game. 
I have a few videos on this game and talked about a lot of this in the description. 
So just interesting I had no idea Taysom played for the Saints. Always more to learn I guess. 
Nebraska vs BYU game pt 1 video
Nebraska vs BYU game pt 2 Video

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