Tuesday, January 29, 2019

33 Years after Challenger Explosion-1985 Bears White House Visit in 2011 because of Challenger

I see this story was popularized on social media and within the mainstream media. The 33rd anniversary of the Challenger Explosion. 

Something that sticks out to me in regards to this being important is that I remember the 1985 Bears didn't get to go to the White House because of the Challenger disaster. They instead went in 2011 when Obama was president. They went just before the Patriots blew the perfect season losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl. 
Think about how the lunar module on Apollo 17 was called "Challenger" as well. Apollo 17 was just before the perfect season 72' Dolphins won the Super Bowl. 
Remember the Tom Brady Bear story earlier in the year and the riddle with the Bears having a good season all year. 
Now we have the Patriots in the Super Bowl again...
The Bears beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl just before the Challenger disaster. 
Remember too how the Eagle named "Challenger" landed on James Paxton's head in a tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Eagle landing on the Moon. 

We've been getting some Bear stories in the media recently too. 

I can't even remember all the stuff I covered with Challenger. A lot of it was before I wrote my notes down in a word pad on my computer. Some stuff I found though was....
Christa died age 37 and it took 73 seconds after take off. 
The crowd at the 1986 Super Bowl was also 73,000 people. 
 Christa McAuliffe=73
Ronald Reagan who set up the Teacher program was born on the 37th day of the year. 
Reagan died on the 157th day of the year....37th prime is 157. 

Challenger crashed on the 28th day of the year. 

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