Friday, January 18, 2019

Youtube email about no Ads on my old video-Everyone Had Aids-King Charles I-208-Rent-Moon

I noticed this message last night from Youtube. It says my old video about the Paris Attacks/Magic Johnson/Aids stuff isn't suitable to get Ads on it. It really makes no sense to me as as far as I remember I haven't put Ads or signed up for it on any video...with the exception of a music video from close to 10 years ago. 

I put the video out on the day that leaves 42 days in the year and it has 4 likes 2 dislikes? 

The November 19th date also sticks out to me as it's the day that King Charles I was born. Not sure if that's even related, but I remember it for that. 
King Charles I=116 and this came on 1/16. 
Charles Carroll III died exactly 116 years before Prince Charles was born....he's the Secret lies with Charlotte guy....been saying how Charlotte is important this year with the All Star game being on Michael Jordan's bday and so on..

Haha sweet..."King Charles I"=208(reverse) too. 
Team America=208(reverse)
Earvin Johnson=164
Remember too that the song "Everyone Has Aids" is a parody for the Musical "Rent" that Anthony Rapp was in. That's why we got the Kevin Spacey be Frank(France) thing on Christmas Eve. Rent begins on Christmas Eve...
Also interesting to me that "Rent"=51, 57 like "Moon"=51, 57
Everyone Has Aids=170.....Moon=170(Jewish)
Kevin SPACEy...Eugene Cernan died on 1/16. 

I'm also reminded of the play called "King Charles III" that came out in 2017. 

It's interesting too as a lot of the video was about Magic Johnson and the South Park episode with him in it. 
The dates of this video are 1 month 28 days apart. 
Magic Johnson=128
128 is a number I've mentioned in connection to Pennsylvania often. 


  1. I keep seeing 128 in my decodes, for the month of January. 1/28 is 1/15 on the Julian Calendar and Martin Luther King Jr was born on the 15th of January.
    The US Government aka the Bavarian Illuminati celebrates his Bday on the 3rd Monday (MOONday) in January. Martin Luther King Jr was born Michael King Jr., his Father traveled to Germany in 1934 for a Southern Baptist Leadership Conference (Confederate). When he returned he changed their names to Martin Luther.

    "13 Illuminati Bloodlines"=128(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr"=128(Reverse Full Red.)
    "President Donald John Trump"=128(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Jayme Closs"=128(Jewish Ordinal)
    "King James 1611 Bible"=128(English Ordinal)
    "Ash Wednesday"=128(English Ordinal)
    "English Is A Simulated Language"=128(Jewish Red.)
    "False Jew Ruling In The End Times"=128(Full Red.)