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Death of "Rel" creator in connection to the Nurse who sexually assaulted patient-Stand by Me Water symbolism-Qanon Water-Moses

Right away when seeing this story of a "NURSE" sexual assaulting someone it reminded me of the death of Kevin Barnettt the day before. 
The TV show REL is about a "NURSE" who is trying to rebuild his life after a divorce. 
Nathan Sutherland=63
Native American=63(lady he assaulted)
Male Nurse=36(he was 36 years old)
Lil Rel Howery=63(rev red)
Kevin Barnett died 36 days after Rel Howery's bday. 

I'm also interested they put emphasis on the person being Native American. This comes just after the Chiefs lose to the Patriots and we get the Covington HS story with the Native American Guy. 
His name being Nathan Sutherland also reminds me of what I was talking about in regards to Stand by Me last year(Nov 2017). I was saying it was connected to Keifer Sutherland and then we got the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting. We got the arrest of Lou Diamond Philips(Native American) who played in Young Guns with Kiefer Sutherland the day before the Church Shooting.  Lou Diamonds real name is even Lou Diamond UPCHURCH. 
Just thinking about Young Guns being a Cowboy film in which most involve Native Americans as well. 

It's interesting too that the story on Yahoo I am looking at has the Kevin Barnett story up next after the comments on the story of Nathan Sutherland story. 

Also these 2 stories come just days after we got another story of a Church shooting in Texas. 

Think about how Kevin Barnett's death and Rel's bday synced up to Pope Francis as well...Church....Pope Francis.... 
Church=29....The sexually assaulted girl was 29 and had a baby on the 29th of December. 
Think about the Church and Sexual Assault as well. 
Remember how I documented a bunch about the number 63 and the Jesuits a long time ago too. 
Also this sexual assault happens in Phoenix and remember when I first noticed the Stand By Me theme that led up to the Sutherland Springs Church was about River PHOENIX, Corey Feldman (sexual assault), Jerry O'Connell on the Wendy Williams show. Remember how it was a lot to do with "Water" as well. Budweiser even had a Water commerical playing the song "stand by me" at the Super Bowl. Trump needing a drink of Water...the Keystone Pipeline's motto was Water if Life(Native American). Much more to it...What's interesting too is I just saw someone post something about QAnon and Watch the Water....I swear some of the things they mentioned in the video came from what I was talking about too. 
Also a while back I mentioned a lot about the Priests from my town and the number 63. Such as Father Paul=63 and died 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary age 63 and he was a Jesuit. 
Trump's bday is 6 months 3 days before Pope Francis' bday. (Fordham). 
JFK died in 63' after meeting the Pope. 

Think about how much I've mentioned the connection to LINCOLN as well. The movie "Young Guns" involves the "Lincoln County War". Notice it came to an end 91 years before we supposedly landed on the MOON. 
Space=91=Apollo=Rockets and so on..

Arizona the 48th state too....thinking about this movie being in the New MEXICO territory...The Wall and the number 48...Kiefer Sutherland the son of DONALD Sutherland. 
Lou Diamond Philips born on the 48th day. 
Jerry O'Connell born on the 48th day. 
Think about this place being called "Hacienda" spanish for "house". 
Kevin Barnett dying in Mexico. 

Something else I'm thinking about that never registered in my brain is that the letter "X"=6 and 24.....I've mentioned  alot about 624 in the past year. 
Time=144....the 144 connections to political assassinations...
The first black president dies out of office on Sutherland's show "24". 
Wendy Williams=624(satanic)....Statue of Liberty=63
Wendy Joan Williams=3119(Jewish)....number important to 9/11....thinking about the Rams vs Patriots....
It sounds weird but she seems really important for me thinking about this was super Windy out and a topic from the customers who came into the store most of the day. It makes me think of Chicago too...
Williams bday is also 18/7 which is the day Trump's national Convention began in Cleveland which was 187 days before he became president. Trump's bday also 187 days(end date) before Pope Francis. 
Society of Jesus=187
Grover Cleveland died on 6/24. 
The last episode of "Rel" that aired was titled "Cleveland". 

Trump also met Pope Francis 6 months 24 days before the Pope's bday. Also 208 days which has been important recently. 

Remember 6/24 is the 175th day of the year. 
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
6/24/2018 was his 1929th day of being the Pope...
Stock Market crashed on the 29th of October in 1929....the day leaving 63 days in the year. 
Root of all evil=63
Wall Street=63

Currency=811(Jewish)....thinking about the 8/11 day again...

It's also interesting as that Church Shooting on 1/17 happened 6 months 24 days after 6/24 which is 6 months 24 days before 8/10 when Tisha B'av begins in 2019. 
King Charles III=624
Charles bday is 6 months 24 days after Queen Elizabeth II...

Modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24 in 1717....
17 and 717 really important to the Royals...Donald Sutherland born on 7/17 too. 
Remember they played Stand By Me at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry as well. 
Remember the same day Trump made a racist native american comment about Elizabeth Warren was the same day Harry got engaged. Then Warren showed her DNA the same day they announced Harry was having a baby with Meghan. Both stories all about 63. 
Sheldon and Amy's wedding on the Big Bang had Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell on the episode around the same time as the Royal Wedding. Remember Kathy Bates plays as Amy's mom and in my post about REL I mentioned something important to Kathy Bates....

Better yet Amy Fowler's bday is the exact same day as Rel Howery's in real life....12/17/79. 
Her father is portrayed by "Teller"....Joseph Teller"=63
Penn is currently 63 years old. 
Kathy Bates=717(Jewish)

Better yet Amy is portrayed by Mayim Bialik and the word "Mayim" comes from Hebrew meaning "WATER". 

Her name Mayim originates in a mispronunciation of "Miriam"? 
This is interesting because Miriam is the only sister of Moses and Aaron who helped free the slaves. 

Also when looking up Moses I see that Cecil DeMille wrote the original "10 Commandments Film". Remember Jeff Bridges won the Cecil DeMille award at the Golden Globes and then gave a speech about Water/Boat. 

Think about the Age of Aquarius the Water Bearer as well in regards to Moses bringing in a new Age. 
Link to the Qanon video I saw on Facebook the other day
A big deal with that Qanon thing is Trump drinking the Fiji water....
Think about how this was connected to Trump's election with Standing Rock stuff coming out just before the Indians lost in the World Series. 

Also in regards to TIME...remember how Time Magazine had a picture of Trump Drowning....think about how I mentioned all summer a connection to DROWNING....water....Think about how I recently watched the film "Jeff, Who Lives at Home" where he takes inspiration from the film "Signs"(Joaqin Phoenix, Water)...then at the end Jeff saves a man from Drowning by following the connections. Remember the main sync in that film is about the word "Kevin" and the first article I saw was the Kevin Spacey Let's be Frank story. Spacey was called out in the Family Guy episode, "Don't Make Me over" which was about the family starting a band like the Partridge Family. Then David Cassidy died days after Kevin Spacey got allegations against him. The only episode of Family Guy with David Cassidy is also about Stand By Me. 

Notice in that video there's even a part about "Wendy". 
It's also interesting they point out the picture with North Korea in one of the videos about Water. Think about the film "The Truman Show" where he wants to go to Fiji....then think about Trumps connections to Harry S. Truman the president during the Korean War. 
Truman on the movie is scared of WATER. 
Truman Burbank=48....think about all the 48 stuff with Trump/Truman. 
Jim Carrey=48

Think about the DROWNING symbolism I've mentioned as well that was all connected to 624 as well. 

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  1. The Nathan Sutherland story was recycled from 1996(96), which was 23 yrs ago.
    52 yr old John Horace allegedly raped a comatose woman in Rochester, NY and impregnated her. She supposedly gave birth to a baby boy, just like this story. This woman suffered a brain injury at the age of 19 that she sustained in a car accident. She has since died and the child is 23 yrs old.
    "Chaos"=19(Full Red.)

    "23 Years Ago"=96(English Ordinal)
    "Freemason"=96(English Ordinal)

    "36 Year Old Nathan Sutherland"=107(Full Red.)
    "John Horace"=107(Jewish Ordinal)
    107 is the 28th prime
    "False Jews"=28(Full Red.)
    The False Jews are the ones inventing these stories in the "Masonic Media" that are reconstituted "Psychological Programming" by the numbers, for the brainwashed.
    "Masonic Media"=52(Full Red.)
    "John Horace"=52(Full Red.)
    "By The Numbers"=152(English Ordinal) 152 ( 1 x 52 =52)