Friday, January 18, 2019

White House announces 2nd Trump-Kim Summit- Trump's Wall Address on Kim's bday-Jesuits-World War-Moon

They just announced Trump and Kim Jong Un are going to be meeting again in February. 
Notice this news comes 220 days or 7 months 6 days after the last meeting. 
Donald John Trump=76, 220
The Jesuits founded when the 220th Pope was Pope. 
Pope Francis born 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Kim Jong Un became leader when his father died on Pope Francis' bday. 
Trump went to a Jesuit university and synced to Pope Francis. 
North Korea=145=Catholic

They aren't telling us a date yet, just that it will be in February. 
Kim Jong Un=42
World War=42

Korea is all about the Jesuits. 
The Jesuit anniversary is 3 months 12 days before Kim's bday. 
The Korean War lasted 3 years 1 month 12 days. 

Remember too that Trump addressed the nation about the Wall on Kim Jong Un's bday.  
Trump addressed the nation 208 days after his bday. 
The Korean War came to an end on the 208th day of the year. 

It's also interesting that this comes just days before the Blood Moon on 1/20-1/21. 
The last blood moon that happened was on the anniversary of the Korean War coming to an end in 2018. 
Blood Moon=42
It's important because of South Korea's leader named MOON Jae In. 
Moon Jae In=42
The Hawii missile scare was all about the Moon as well...The Great American Eclipse happened on the anniversary of Hawaii being a State...Also the last visible Total solar eclipse in the US was only visible in Hawaii in 91' which was the year the Cold War came to an end....Space/Cold War. The Great American Eclipse the same day of the USS John McCain crash..McCain said NK murdered Otto Warmbier. Plus the last Great American Eclipse happened 156 days before the end of WWI. There's a lot to this stuff, just search my blog as I have multiple posts on the topic. 

Remember Trump winning the election connected to the WALL was also the biggest election upset since 1948 when Harry S. Truman won. Truman was the president for most of the Korean War. It was also the just before the closest Super Moon since 1948. 
Israel declared it's independence in 48'....Jews identify with the Moon. 
World War=48
Kim Jong Un=48
Kim Yong-Chol=48
North Korea also became the DPRK on 9/9 of the year 48'. 

In 2018 we also got the story on 2/25  about the Mexican President calling off a trip to the White House. It was in regards to Trump calling him about the Wall on 2/20. The story came 220 days after the Mexican presidents bday which was on the anniversary of the Moon Landing. (7/20). 
Mexican Border=220

Remember Kim Yong Chol met with "Michael Pompeo"=220 before the first meeting. 
Mike Pompeo replaced "Rex Wayne Tillerson"=220 who was fired on Pope Francis' anniversary of being the Pope. 
Otto Warmbier died at 2:20pm. 
The USS Fitzgerald crashed at 2:20am. 
2/20 was the day John Glenn was picked up from Friendship 7 which the USS Enterprise was used in tracking Friendship 7. John McCain was on the USS Enterprise at the time. Then we had the USS John McCain crash. 

Mike Pompeo=55, is 1/18.."North Korea"=55

It's also interesting that this story comes 10 days after Kim's bday. If you go back and look at my stuff with the Pope and Trump/JFK it's all about 10 days before. 

Also the new Mexican president was born on 11/13 that leaves 48 days in the year. 

This story comes just after we got a story about Trump unveiling a new space missile defence too. 
Remember the story we got the story of the Russian video shooting a missile at Florida last year too. That story was 220 days before Putin's bday. 
Vladimir Putin=220(FB)

I can't wait for them to announce the date, it will be hilarious if it's 2/20. 
It would also be 208 days after the 65th anniversary of the Korean War. Also 6 months 24 days....
2/20 is also 65 days after Pope Francis bday...
65 important as 3/13 is the day Francis became Pope and 313 is the 65th prime number. 
Also it's 6 months 14 days before the Jesuit anniversary like Trump's bday and his bday of course 3 months 13 days before. 

2/25 is 8 months 11 days after Trumps bday and 48 days after Kim's. 

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