Friday, January 18, 2019

Molly Ringwald Crowns a New Teen Queen

I wake up to see this article in the trends on CNN. Maybe I am missing something but what does the headline have to do with the actual article? I don't see who she crowned as a "New Teen Queen"? 
Molly Ringwald is currently 50 years old. 
New Teen Queen=50

The big day I was talking about in regards to Molly Ringwald and John Hughes was August 6th. Interesting this show she is promoting came out 164 days after 8/6. 

I wish I could fully figure out what the 164 is showing me...
August 6th was the day John Hughes died and he was born on Ringwald's bday of 2/18.....8/6 is the 218th day of the year. 

This story comes out 165 days after 8/6. 
Molly Ringwald=165

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