Friday, January 18, 2019

Gladys Knight singing Super Bowl National Anthem in connection to "Pink"

This is great. I just posted about Molly Ringwald again and it's important to the date of 8/6. Molly Ringwald important to the Pink symbolism that began last year when I thought Pink would sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. 
Now this year they announce Gladys Knight is singing the National Anthem and it will be 8 months 6 days after her bday. 

The article even tells us how Pink won't do the halftime show because of her support of didn't stop her from singing the national anthem last year. 

Pink's bday also 148 days before the Super Bowl. Gladys Knight's bday is the 148th day of the year. 
Reminds me of "Donald J. Trump"=148 who was born on Flag Day. 

This also comes 131 days(end date) before Gladys bday. 
Gladys Maria Knight=179
41st prime is 179
Super Bowl=41, 131

Something else I didn't notice before is that Kaepernicks 93rd day of his age will be the same day as the Super Bowl. 
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
That Nike story came on 9/3 the same day Roseanne said she was moving to Israel....they share bdays of 11/3. 

Gladys Knight's bday also 5 months 6 days before Kaepernick. 
Gladys Knight=56

I don't know enough about Gladys Knight to see more. I'll have to read more about her when I get the chance. Maybe there is a clue with her and something to do with "Pink"? 

Just another story telling us how great america is, and that even people who should be following Kaepernick aren't for their love of America. 

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