Saturday, January 26, 2019

Halloween H20 in regards to Wendy Williams Collapsing on Halloween/Water-The PINK Moon-Deaths of Alan Bean/John Young in 2018-Aquaman

I've had a ton of stuff going on lately and haven't had much time to document things. I had to DJ for the High School last night, and then right after I had to drive an hour and pick my girlfriends brother up from work. He just turned 21 a month ago, so when we got back to town I asked him if he wanted to go to the bar since it was still open. It was around 1am. Anyway I didn't drink that much, but for some reason I have been puking all day. Not sure if it's from drinking or not. I did smoke with him too and I haven't smoked "the smoke" in over a year, so maybe that's part of it. Anyway I went to work and took a nap when I got home cause I was feeling so bad still. When I woke up, Zamien was sitting up in his playpen so I picked him up. He was still tired so I figured I'd turn on a movie and rock him in the chair. I was going to turn on his favorite movie "Shrek" but Netflix doesn't have it anymore I guess. So I went to Coto and figured I'd just play a random movie since he was tired anyway. At the top of the trends it had the new "Halloween" movie, so I just clicked on it cause it was something new to watch. I didn't even think about the Michael Myers connection to the 2 films until now haha. 
Anyway when the movie was over(terrible movie by the way) I noticed in the recommended movies they had "Halloween H20"....
Think about what I just talked about in my video in regards to Wendy Williams collapsing on Halloween and River Phoenix dying on Halloween. A big thing was a connection to WATER....There has to be something important to me seeing this. 

Another thing that I'm wondering about is I've had the song "Freaky Friday" by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown stuck in my head ever since last night. I cannot explain why that song, but it's been in my head. Seeing this about Halloween, it makes me think of how Jamie Lee Curtis is also in the film "Freaky Friday" with Lindsay Lohan.(Golden Gate/Blood Moon/Herbie). 
Of course Chris Brown just arrested again too. 
I'm wondering about the Boxer I documented about too with the name Dicky....
Chris Brown also has an album titled, "Heartbreak on a Full Moon" that came out on Halloween. The exact day Wendy Williams collapsed in 2017. 
Think how the Moon has been important and Brown arrested just a day after the Blood Wolf Moon. 

The Pink Moon happens in April and this year it will be on 4/19 at 6:12am. 
612 the big earthquake number and more...
Remember Prince died on the night of the PINK Moon in 2016. 
Pink Moon=44, 107, 109(reverse)
Earthquake=44, 107
April 19th is the 109th day of the year. 
Pink=32(k) and 50. 
This moon comes 3 months 2 days(end date) before the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Also the article I clicked on about the upcoming Pink moon gives us Facts about Apollo 16. On wikipedia though it says it landed on 4/21....
Anyway Apollo 16 is known for driving an Electric Car on the Moon. Think about that in regards to the Falcon Heavy launch last year with Elon Musk's car...This guy died last year just before the Falcon Heavy Launch. 
Remember how it was important to 49.....just think about the 227 it's the 49th prime. 

How did I not hear about this guys death either? Maybe I documented about it, but I can't find it anywhere.  One of the 12 guys to walk on the moon died last year on 1/5 or 5/1? 
Moon=15, 51
Notice he is from San Francisco too. 
Apollo Sixteen=59
John Watts Young=59
John Young=129
Astronaut=30, 129
Born in the year 30'. 

I did document about the death of Alan Bean dying last year. I had talked about how we might get the death of an astronaut in the news because of the Eagle Landing on MLB player James Paxton. How it was synced to the death of Bill Paxton who portrayed Fred Haise Jr in Apollo 13. 
Haise Jr. born on 11/14 and Bean was on Apollo 12 that launced on 11/14. 

John Young died 4 months 21 days before Bean which makes me think of Queen Elizabeth's bday....The 11/14 is interesting as it's Prince Charles Bday(Super Moon 2016). 
I also documented how "Alan Lavern Bean"=612
He died 6 months 12 days after 11/14. 
And 6/12 being important to Trump/North Korea/MOON Jae In. 
Also 4/21 being the landing date for Apollo 16. 

Bean's bday is interesting as well...3/15. 
Lil Dicky was born on 3/15 and the album with Freak Friday released on 3/15 too. 

Some other things I'm thinking about...

Remember in the film San Andreas the Golden Gate Bridge isn't destroyed by an Earthquake, but by a Tsunami...The Moon affects the Tides which is why the Tide Pod Challenge was important last year. 

The Shape of Water a popular film in 2017 that involves the Cold War...
Remember the Boston Bomber was found hiding in a Boat in Watertown..

Also another movie I saw at the top of the list on Coto was "Aquaman". It says it's about Atlantis and bunch of other stuff. So once again Water and the upcoming Super Bowl in Atlanta. 
I'm thinking about Super Bowl 48 as it was all about Neptune/Trident and Water. The Maserati commerical with the Trident and opening with a Water scene...they talked about hiding in the shadows waiting for the time to Strike. 

Lost City of Atlantis=1189(Jewish)
Donald J. Trump=1189(Jewish)
Pope Francis 1,189th day as Pope was Trump's bday. 
So on....


  1. the middle chapter of the bible is chapter 595. 34th triangular. Lunation 1189 begins the day after the SuperBowl.

  2. Daniel Jacob Radcliffe = 218 Francis Bacon. Born on the first day of Leo July 23rd. The SB is 170 days before his bday. Moon = 218 hebrew gematria, 170 Jewish. Leo so important to the GATSE and the Wolf Moon.

  3. Daniel Radcliffe also turned 365 lunar synodic months old yesterday. In lunar years that made him 30 lunar years and 5 lunar synodic months old for the 35

  4. Great American Total Solar Eclipse = 1367 satanic 219th prime. Brady is in his 219th month since his first NFL action on 11/23/2000 against the Detroit Lions (LEO)

  5. Was looking into Joaquin Phoenix cause the Joker movie coming out. Reminded me of River Phoenix and I know you've mentioned him a ton. It's odd. My closest brother (I have 6) has a daughter and a son: Phoenix & River. Anyways, Halloween = 95, Sirius = 95, Scorpio = 95. There will be a full moon on Halloween in 2020. It will peak at 38°. Sun at 218°. Death = 38, 218. Moon (in hebrew) = 38, 218. 144 days after my 33rd birthday