Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Chris Jericho signs with AEW same day Trump gives speech about Wall

Now this is strange. Just last night I documented about my best friend and James Buster Douglas. Now tonight I go to CNN and one of the first articles I see is about the WWE. I figured I'd click on it and it's about Chris Jericho. It wouldn't seem like much except for the fact my best friends favorite wrestler is Chris Jericho and Jericho even retweeted one of his tweets the other day. 
Double or Nothing=73
Chris Jericho=73

Right away I see what the narrative with Jericho is. Think about the WALLS of Jericho....
This story comes in the mix of the government shutdown and Trump wanting to build the Wall. 
Notice Jericho's bday is 11/9 which was the day Trump won the election on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being announced it was coming down. Notice too he is 48 years old. 
Donald Trump=48
Won the biggest election upset since 1948' and a lot more. 
Could this be symbolic of Trump not getting a Wall? I need to watch his speech. 

This story comes 60 days after Jericho's bday..
Wall=48, 60(reverse)

Christopher Irvine=811(satanic)(Think about August 11th and the 3rd temple stuff)
Christopher Keith Irvine=134
Make America Great Again=134

Chris Jericho being in the band Fozzy makes me think of seeing the band called "The Walls of Jericho" in Kansas City a long time ago. It was also the first time I saw Stone Sour and Corey Taylor messed up on guitar I remember. Possibly nothing but I have mentioned Slipknot in connection to Tisha B'Av (August 10th/11th) this year too. Corey Taylor even produced their album titled "Redemption". 
-Gematria the Killing Name. 

Think about the Moses/Levi's Stadium stuff I have mentioned as well. Moses freed the Slaves and took them outside of Caanan and then put Joshua in charge. That's when they knocked down the Walls of Jericho which was the first city of Caanan to be taken back. 

Walls of Jericho=156
156th prime is 911....think about his bday of 11/9 or 9/11..

Double or Nothing will be held 138 days after Jericho signs to AEW. 
Donald Trump=48, 60(reverse), 138

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