Monday, January 7, 2019

24 Native Americans missing last year in Montana

Right away I have to point out the picture they gave us in the story. Notice this pretty overweight ladies name is "Heavy Runner"...that gave me a good laugh. 
Kimberly Loring=208
Notre Dame Fan=208
Fighting Irish=208
Remember the Notre Dame Eagle story connected to Dwight Clark and Joe the video last night I even mentioned the Native American Theme with Neil Young's wife dying too. 
Native Americans=64=Dwight Clark=Forty Niners..Clark died on 6/4. 
Also think about the Bomber stories last year that were synced up to the Unabomber who was from Montana. 

Montana=24....Notice the headline is about the 24 missing Native Americans in Montana. 

I need to think more about the narrative of this story. It comes the same day as the College Football Championship in San Francisco that is synced to Joe Montana and so on...

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