Saturday, January 5, 2019

3 dead in shooting at Southern California Bowling Alley

This story reminds me of what I documented with Allen Iverson in 2015. When he was in high school he got in a fight at the bowling alley and got a 5 year jail sentence. Eventually got out early and so on but it was a lot to do with the number "3" and "56". 
Iverson wore # 3.
Allen Iverson=56
Five Years=56
Bowling Alley=56
Circle Lanes=56
His HS Coach was "Mike Bailey"=56
He got out of jail because of "Tom Brokaw"=56
Later went to Georgetown in "Washington DC"=56
Sponsored by "Reebok"=56
Known for being a "Thug"=56
Caused the "Dress Code"=56 for the NBA. 
Larry Brown=56

A bunch just interesting we get story of 3 dead at a bowling alley. I recently had a trolled comment on that video too which is why it instantly stands out to me. 

Gable House Bowl=231

Southern California=107

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  1. This reminds me of this bowling theme that I've been following lately. I'm actually watching a bowling movie right now.