Sunday, January 20, 2019

August 11th, 2019 Philadelphia Phillies playing the San Francisco Giants-1989 Giants Team Reunion(Earthquake Series)

I've been being told about the Philadelphia playing San Francisco on August 11th this year. See my previous posts/videos in regards to August 11th and it will make sense. Anyway someone just pointed out to me too that the game is billed as the "1989 Giants Team Reunion". 
Remember the 1989 Giants were the team who lost to the Oakland Athletics in the Earthquake series. Notice the next game after this reunion game the Giants play the A's too. 
The 1989 World Series was the 86th World Series...remember 8/6 is important to the Pink symbolism that was also in connection to Philadelphia. 

I like the commenters name too as it's a concept in Kabbalah. 
Adam Cadmon=164(Jewish) the way it's spelled above. 
I need to read and learn a lot more about Kabbalah, because I think learning more about it will put the confusion in a better perspective. 

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