Sunday, January 20, 2019

Kareem Hunt's bday of 8/6-Pink symbolism-Rams vs Chiefs game canceled in Mexico.

I cannot for the life of me find the comments that I recently got about this or I would share them. Someone pointed out that the Chiefs vs Rams game was canceled in Mexico City this year and also someone pointed out the release of Kareem Hunt/Lamar Hunt. 

Anyway what sticks out to me right away is that the Chiefs vs Rams game was in Week 11. Remember 11 was something super important that I have been following, and had a ton of synchronicity with. Even my laptop completely crashing after looking up Y2K...think about the Wall connections and Y2J(Chris Jericho). 
Anyway the Chiefs vs Rams game was 11 weeks before the Super Bowl on 11/19. 
If you read just a few posts back I mentioned that Youtube sent me an email about No Ads on a video I put out on 11/19/15. I just wonder now if this is why I was supposed to see that date. 

Also Week 12 both the Chiefs and the Rams had a bye week. Then before the next week Kareem Hunt got let go. So Kareem Hunt's last game this season was the game on 11/19. Notice he was the 86th pick in the draft and born on 8/6. This day is special to the "Pink" symbolism and Gladys Knight singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl 8 months 6 days after her bday. (Pink did it last year). 

Found a few of them, of course I couldn't see them until I logged into my other google account. 

I'm still thinking there has to be something with "Hunt" in regards to Hunting season. Kareem Hunt let go just before Hunting season began in Iowa if I remember correctly. 

I'm also wondering if it's significant that when the Chiefs and Rams played they were both 9-1. I have to go back and look but I remember in 2015 the number 91 was really important to the Nebraska narrative and I saw it a lot in regards to death and elimination....The Roseburg Oregon shooting happened on Jimmy Carter's 91st bday on the day leaving 91 days in the year. The Cubs lost on Back to the Future Day. "Chicago Cubs"=91...#91 Cameron Wake tore his achilles. Nebraska player "Pierson-El Demornay"=91 got injured. The actor from the film "Herbie" which was connected to Nebraska died on 9/1. 

Kareem Hunt also let go by 53 year old Clark Hunt born on the 50th day of the year. 2015 was before Super Bowl 50 in which I thought the "Chiefs"=50 would win. Tom Brady also lost and didn't make the Super Bowl that season. 
Notice Brady lost to the Broncos with a score of 20-18 which reminds us of the 2018 season too. 
Denver Colorado=227(just documenting of recent)
Maybe it is some type of tribute for Tom Brady that I'm not seeing, but it seems to be for him to lose. We will see what happens tonight. 
Also...."Kareem Hunt"=154
Denver Broncos=154 
Levis Stadium=154(where SB 50 was)
The Broncos became 15-4 after winning the SB. 
Native Americans=154
Remember the Moses/Chiefs/Rams narrative also important to Mormon Andy Reid and Alex Smith who went to Utah. 
The Mormons believe the Native Americans are the Lamanites. 
Lincoln died on 15/4. 
The War of 1812 and Andrew Jackson have a lot of connections to the Native Americans as well. 

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