Saturday, January 5, 2019

Enes Kanter won't travel to London for Wizards game-Fetullah Gulen-Recep Erdogan-911 and 112

Enes Kanter=59
London England=59

The game will be 40 days before Erdogan's bday. 
Enes Kanter=40

The game will be 100 days before Fethullah Gulen's bday. Also 3 months 10 days. 
Turkey=100...also 310(satanic)
1/17....Gulen's bday the 117th day of the year. 
Fethullah Gulen=226.....Erdogan's bday is 2/26.
The coup attempt on Erdogan was 226 days before his bday.  

This story also 112 days before Gulen's bday...
Enes Kanter=112
Think about 1-1-2 being the emergency dialing code in Turkey. 
Turkey the first country to declare Isis a terrorist group. 
He plays for the New York Knicks reminding us of 9/11. 
Think about 2/26 too in regards to the World Trade Center Bombing in 93'. 
This story comes the day after the Knicks beat the Lakers 119-112...think about it...119...112. 
Also Osama Bin Laden's bday was 3/10. 

Gulen Movement=59

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