Sunday, January 6, 2019

Suspect Eric Black Jr. Found in Killing of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes

They find the killer of the 7 year old 7 days after she was murdered. 
She was supposedly shot around 7am. 

Her bday was 7 months 7 days before Shaun King's bday too. 

Almost all the news is reporting it as Houston, but it was actually the town of "Cloverleaf". I figured I'd see how far away the shooting was from St. Patricks day considering....of course it's 77 days. 

She died 44 days before her bday. 

Notice her bday of 2/11 was the 42nd day of the year too. 
She died on 12+30+18=60
Nigger=42, 60 on..
Houston, Texas=181(42nd prime)
She was shot in the "Walmart Parking Lot"=211
Walmart=47(47th prime is 211)
Eric Black=47

The guy who supposedly killed her has a name of Eric BLACK Jr. 
Eric Black Jr=56(s)
Jazmine Barnes=56
Shaun King is all about Black Lives Matter. 
Black Lives Matter=56

I'm honestly surprised you can find an obituary as most of the time these stories are seemingly impossible to find the person. They chose this story for a certain reason though...Also yet another "KING" in the media. 

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