Friday, January 4, 2019

11 year old boy saves man from Drowning

Once again the number 50 and something significant comes up. I just made a blog post about Neil Young which had a piece to the Pink/Drowning stuff and the number 50...I then took a shower and this is the first story I see when going to CNN. 
It was an 11 year old boy which sticks out too. The Duck boat drowning was originally 11 people. 
The Neil Young stuff reminded me of the Native American/Indian theme in 2016....notice the family above is of Indian descent. 
Look at the story just below this one too that's about Wild Ponies...Does that not remind you of Native Americans?
Advaik Nandikotkur=111

They don't tell us the name of the guy who almost drowned but they tell us he gave the boy a $50 Macy's gift card. 
Yeah seems like it makes sense lol, you save my's 50 dollars to Macy's...
Remember in 2016 the native american stuff was really connected to the area I live and the Omaha Indians that are headquarted in Macy, Nebraska. Then we had all the Pipeline stuff not too far off from where I live. 
Also remember that Pennsylvania is the "KEYSTONE" state. Keystone Pipeline. The motto was "WATER is life"...we got the story of Trump needing Water around the same time we got a story of a Leak in the Pipeline in 2017. 

This story comes in the Twin City area which also sticks out considering the Minnesota Bridge Collapse and it's importance. Think about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl last year in Minnesota. 


  1. Dan, the San Francisco Giants play the Philadelphia Phillies on 8/11/2019.