Tuesday, January 8, 2019

James Buster Douglas 30 for 30-Meeting Dicky Ryan who lost to Buster Douglas in November

I went to Espn a bit ago and I scrolled down not too far and saw they recently made a 30 for 30 of Mike Tyson-James Buster Douglas. 
Notice the "42" to 1 title..."Nigger"=42...so on...
Notice the fight was on the 42nd day of the year at the "Tokyo Dome"=42
James Buster Douglas=59
Mike Tyson=59
Negro=59=Slave so on...

Anyway the reason it stands out to me so much is that the night before Thanksgiving my band played at a bar in Omaha called "The Nifty". One of the regulars at this bar is a guy named Dicky Ryan who was a professional boxer. I didn't believe it at first, but the bar owner told me his fights were on Youtube and he even fought James Buster Douglas. Then Dicky told me that he got his ass kicked. Anyway I took a snapchat with him to send to my friend Sturgill as he knows a lot about fighters and what not. He became friends with some of the MMA/UFC fighters in a roundabout way a long time ago, and now goes to Vegas and other fights once in a while. He showed them one of my War of 1812 videos earlier this year, but they were too scared of losing their twitters over it or something of the sort. I really don't think all of these guys know about the scripting that goes on. I mean it's obvious guys like LeBron do, but I think things are manipulated in order to make certain things in these games just happen.

So I dont know haha. Moral of the story of this post is that seeing the James Buster Douglas thing reminded me of this happening I had. We just played at the bar again on New Years Eve, so I saw him again and it just sticks out to me. 
Plus I've been talking about the number 164...
Buster Douglas=164
Iron Mike Tyson=164

Their bdays even 281 days apart. 
281 is the 60th prime..
Nigger=42, 60
Douglas born on 4/7 in the year 60'
47th prime is 211 like the day of the fight. 

Dicky Ryan=47
He had a pretty decent record up until the Buster Douglas fight too. Then later lost to Shannon Briggs as well. 

His bday was 164 days before my bday...He turned 51....my bday the day that leaves 51 days in the year. 
His bday the 151st day...I turned 36 years old in 2018.  
The 36th prime is 151. 

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