Friday, January 4, 2019

Neil Young's ex-wife Pegi Young dies age 66-Philadelphia-Bridge-PINKettes-Native American

Margaret Young=66
She dies age 66. 

She dies 50 days after Neil Young's bday. 
Neil Young=50
New Years Day=50

She also dies on 1/1 which was 11 months before her bday. Her death was also 31 days after her bday....11th prime is 31. 
11/11 leaves 50 days in the year. 

Right away when seeing this story I can only think of what I was talking about in 2016. Neil Young...the song "Ohio"...the Kent State Shooting...Trump's National Convention in Cleveland(Ohio) just after the Cavs won the NBA Finals. Trump announced his campaign on June 16th, 2015 and he came down the elevator listening to Neil Young's song "Rocking in the Free World". 

Neil Young also in the band Crazyhorse...Mike Pence from the land of the Indian. On the 243rd episode of the Simpsons Bart sees the Future at the Indian Casino that Trump will be president before Lisa. "Native American"=243
Rockin in the Free World Came out on 11/14. 
Native American=1114...Prince Charles' bday. 
Trump won just after the Indians lost in the World Series. 
Young had the song "Indian Givers" that was for the Pipeline Protests that started just before the Indians made the World Series. 

It had seemed that the "script was flipped" when they had Donald Trump win and then everything after he won was all connected to Reverse Gematria in the next months. Although it was planned to flip the script, which is hard to explain. 

A few other things stand out right away when reading about this lady in regards to what I have been documenting. 
Her debut as a singer was with the "PINKettes"? Her first nationwide appearance was singing backup on the song "Philadelphia" by Neil Young? 
Remember the "Pink" synchronicity started with the Number 23 and Pink the singer who is from the Philadelphia area. She then sang the national anthem at the Eagles super bowl last year. 
I wonder about Jim Carrey being canadian along with Neil Young too? Young from Toronto where Summer Slam 2019 will be held. 
Think about how I mentioned I keep seeing 50 a few days ago. 

Jim Carrey born on 1/17...
Bridge School=117
It can't be a coincidence Pegi Young established the "Bridge" school. 
The Bridge I have been talking about for a long time is the Ben Franklin bridge in Philadelphia. 
Ben Franklin born on 1/17 and died on 4/17...birth of my son...death of my uncle last year. 
Notice she was inspired to create the Bridge School because her son "BEN" had cerebral palsy too. 

It's also interesting the movie it mentions Neil Young being a part of is called "Dead Man". The plot involves a man from Cleveland, Ohio and also a Native American guy who helps him. 
Remember how Cleveland and Philadelphia have the connection with the Warriors/Cavs but also the national conventions of Trump and Hillary. 
The Native American Theme was also connected to Field of Dreams and remember James Earl Jones born on 1/17 too. 

To add even more to what I am talking about with Philadelphia. Notice Neil Young Filed for divorce to Pegi 1,618 days before she died. Think about it....PHI is 1.618

Also interesting in regards to the film "Philadelphia" is that I talked about Bruce Springsteen and his song "Streets of Philadelphia" for a long time. He was born on 9/23 which was important to Pope Francis' visit just before the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. The World Series began on the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia and was connected to Pope Francis too.
Anyway I've recently been saying the 2019 NBA All Star week is connected as it's played at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte. Remember in 2017 they moved the All Star Week to New Orleans instead of Charlotte due to the Bathroom Bill. Around this same time we got a story of Bruce Springsteen not playing in North Carolina due to the same bill. This was the 66th All Star Week though, so just thinking about her dying age 66. Notice the All Star Game was on the 50th too. 
Hulk Hogan will turn 66 years old on 8/11/19. 
Hulk Hogan is in Rocky III....Rocky Balboa=66

Also in regards to my Uncles remember my uncle Mike died the same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck in 2015 that happened at 9:23pm. There was also the aftershock of the Nepal Earthquake that day with the original killing 9,000 and injuring 23,000. 
Mike Murphy=50


  1. I got nothing for this one. Just gonna be random. Noticed his middle name is Percival which is the gamertag for the protagonist in Ready Player One (great film). Percival in history is a fictional character in search of the Holy Grail. "Holy Grail" = 595 Jewish. In Ready Player One he is on a quest that will enable to acquire the OASIS. Think of water, fountain of youth Kansas City is the city of fountains. Creator of Oasis named Halliday. Had a caller mention Roy Halladay on Zachs show or couldve been one of your vids. And Percivals real live name is Wade Owen Watts. WOW or a 565 which rotated 180° is 595...

  2. Apologies for grammatical errors. enable him* life*

    On a personal note or organic note my introduction in life to 218, my first conscious remembrance of 218 was the number of a hymn from church. #218 "There's A Fountain Free"