Friday, January 25, 2019

Government Shutdown announced to end 34 days after it began-Pope Francis takes a shot at Trump about Wall

The government Shutdown has reached a deal on the 34th day of the shutdown. 
Think about how I have recently said 34 is important to the Moses/Lincoln narrative too. 
34th prime is 139
Today is the 25th day of the year. 
What else is interesting is that a lot of the Moses narrative was connected to 25 as well. 
Sinai=25, 34(s)
Aries=25, 34(s)
Exodus=25, 34(s)
Red Sea=25, 34(s)
The 20th amendment changed the president from starting on 3/4 to 1/20. The first president to start his presidency on 1/20 was the 34th president. The amendment was to lower the "Lame Duck"=34 period. 

What else is interesting about today's date being 1/25...
He tells us this from the White House Rose Garden that is 125 feet by 60 feet. 
North Korea=125
This deal is only temporary for a few weeks which interesting as Trump is supposed to meet Kim Jong Un again in by the end of February. 

Just below the story of the Shutdown ending we get a story of Pope Francis taking a shot at Donald Trump about building the Wall. 

This story comes 1 month 8 days after Francis' bday. 
Remember Trump's wall speech was on 1/8 which was Kim Jong Un's bday. Kim became leader after his father died on Pope Francis' bday. 
Remember Pope Francis says Christians don't build walls they build bridges lol. He said this just before going to Mexico City which was in connection to the Mexico City Earthquake 585 days later. 

Some interesting things I've noticed today too..
Mexico=717(eng ext)
State of the Union=717(satanic)

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