Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Theresa May's Brexit Deal is crushed by Historic Margin

Today is a perfect day for a story about Brexit. 
Notice it's 6 months 23 days after the date Brexit began in 2016. 
European Union=623(satanic)
Prime Minister=623(Satanic)
Notice the 206 days too. 
Theresa Mary May=206(reverse) also 73

Today is 73 days before UK leaves the EU. 
Theresa Mary May=73
Theresa May=115
Today's date is 1/15. 

It's interesting the UK will leave the EU 6 months and 2 days before May's bday. She is currently 62 years old. 
Today is also 62 days after Prince Charles bday. 
3/29 the 88th day...

It's also interesting how 6/23 is the 174th day of the year. 
New World Order=174

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