Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Synchronicity today in connection to an old friend and an old blog post I had about them.

Just want to document this, as I still don't see the significance to it..
Earlier at work one of the customers made me think of his relative. I was gonna ask him about Austin as I haven't seen him in years, but then I didn't. 
Anyway just a bit ago my girlfriend text me and said that she was supposed to say hi from Austin. She works at the other gas station in town, so he must be in town.....It's just funny as I randomly thought about him today and then I get a text saying "Hi" from him. I honestly haven't seen him in so long that it's just strange. 
Golden Gate=45 and 180(reverse)
Golden Gate Bridge=81
Miss Missouri First Gay Contestant-Dream I had
It's interesting as I've blogged about this kid before because I had a dream that involved him back in 2016. 
What's interesting is in the post I mentioned how on Facebook after that dream an ad popped up and said "Add Austin Tasich(Squirrel Master)" and it wasn't even the same person...The whole post was about 183...It was before I knew reverse Gematria too...
Now I see that "Squirrel Master"=183(reverse)

So I'm gonna be on the look out for something in connection to 183 and that previous post....
I talked about St. Louis in that post and "Austin Tasich"=81 so possibly it's something to do with the Gateway Arch? 

Gateway Arch=49
It opened 49 years ago...
Makes me think of the New Madrid....

Interesting too..."Gateway"=1414(eng ext) and 1414(Jewish)

In researching too I believe that his middle name is "Lee". I could be wrong though.....
"Austin Lee Tasich"=58, 95(rev red) 166,  239(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=95 also 58(rev red)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
One Hundred Eighty Three=95(Rev red)
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)

2/27 the 58th day of the year...
I did also mention Salt Lake City in that post....


  1. Hey dan i was looking at the arch a couple weeks ago, its crazy my name Imani williams = 144 like your friend Austin. I found 166 in my studies as well, first i connected it to Diane Lane and the Oscar she won for Annie hall, now i see that crucifixion = ressurection = 166 = March Fourth. March fourth is the day of this years oscars. Dont forget this parkland school shooting happened on Ash Wednesday, the cross = 107 Great work as always! Check me out at iw923.blogspot.com

  2. I also noticed that your linked post was made on july second which i margot robbie’s Birthday. She’s nominated for an Oscar for portraying Tonya Harding. Zach says she’s the only celebrity he’s ever seen in person, she’s from the Portland area.