Sunday, January 20, 2019

Tech N9ne releases new song "Red Kingdom" for the AFC Championship Game

Tech N9ne released a new song for the AFC Championship Game called "Red Kingdom". 
Red Kingdom=170(reverse) and 53(rev red)
Notice he released it 71 days after his bday. 
Super Bowl LIII=71, 170....SB 53. 
Moon=170(Jewish) and 210(eng ext)
Notice it's also 2 months 10 days. 
Tech Nine=210(Jewish)

Tech N9NE=120
Today is 1/20 in which we are getting a "RED" Moon. 
Today is Buzz bday. 

Notice too that his bday is 11/8 and he released it on 1/18. 
November 8th leaves 53 days in the year and Tech was born in the year 71'. 
Kansas City, Missouri=241....the 53rd prime number. 

Red Kingdom=239(Jewish)....interesting with the Kneeling/War of 1812/Golden Gate Narrative. 

On a side note if you write it out how you say his name....
Tech Nine=42
We know why 42 is important to black people. 

I saw he has an album called "All 6's and 7's" too. How funny it released on 6/7 in the year 11'....and it was his 11th album. 

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