Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Becky Lynch winner of the Women's Royal Rumble pictured with Water on Wikipedia-Synchronicity at Work-Led Zeppelin-Black Sunday-Atlanta/Atlantis Olympic Bombing

This morning before work I looked up the Royal Rumble winners from last night. I saw that it was Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. I didn't have time to look at them, but figured I'd look when I got to work on my phone. 
Anyway I thought it was funny when I went to Becky Lynch's wikipedia as they have a picture of her with a bottle of WATER. 
Then right as I looked at this picture I heard one of the old guys telling a story and they kept laughing at the part about "keep their head above Water".
I then got busy for a while and when it slowed down I started looking at my phone again in regards to the above picture. The next customer I had was a kid wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt with what I first thought were Submarines. 

The reason I find it funny that it's not Submarines is because it's actually an Airship. The airpships that look an awful lot like Blimps which reminds me of the film "Black Sunday". 
Better yet the reason Led Zeppelin supposedly got their name was because they were trying to start a super group with "Keith MOON" of the Who and he said it would go over like a Lead Balloon. Hence "Led" and Zeppelin because these airships were often referred to as Zeppelins. 

If there were to be an attack the same day the Super Bowl goes on in Atlanta or possibly at the Super Bowl or just in Atlanta...it reminds me yet again of the 1996 Olympic Bombing. Also look where Led Zeppelin's first album was recorded....Olympic Studios...signed to Atlantic Records....and it came out on 1/12. 
Olympics=112=Super Bowl
Old Post on Atlanta Olympic Bombing-Alice-Heart Attack
Notice it happened at 1:20am....
The Super Wolf Blood Moon on 1/20 is important. 
Moses died age 120. 
Aquarius begins on 1/20. (Atlantis/Water)

I'm wondering if the water stuff is also important in regards to the USS Fitzgerald/USS John McCain stories just after Dennis Rodman visited Kim Jong Un. 

If you notice the Atlanta Bombing was also on the anniversary of the Korean War coming to an end 7/27. 

Funny too that earlier I was trying to finish watching "Aquaman" that is all about Atlantis rising up to fight the people on Land, but Aquaman "King Arthur" stops the war. 

While watching this movie I stopped for a second and looked at the TV and of course my daughter was watching Hotel Transylvania 3 and it was at this exact part when I looked at the TV. A map of Atlantis. 
Remember Michael J. Fox(Wolf MOON) is also the main character in the cartoon "Atlantis". 

All of the stuff that people were talking about with Pope Francis and the Saints still makes sense with the Super Bowl being in Atlanta too. Remember the Red and Black and Jesuit Priests. 

All the water symbolism also reminds me a lot of the Neptune/Poseidon stuff from years back. Remember they are the God of Sea/Water/Earthquakes/Horses. 
Atlantis means "Island of Atlas"...the God who holds up the Sky. 
He had to do so because the Olympians defeated the Titans. 

It can't be a coincidence they came out with the live action "Little Mermaid" in August of 2018 too. 
Under the Sea=120
I wouldn't doubt if that somehow is important to Michael J. Fox again with the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. 

I can't help but think of Tom Hanks being in the films Splash and Cloud Atlas too...

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