Sunday, January 20, 2019

Patriots win with 37 points 37 minutes after the Eclipse began-Rex Burkhead-Greg Zuerlein score winning points(Nebraska)-Overtime games to Play in Atlanta Super Bowl

How awesome that both NFL games today went to Overtime. Remember the only time the Super Bowl has went to Overtime was when the Patriots came back and beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. 
The games today were to advance to the Super Bowl in Atlanta where the Falcons play. 

Tell me I am not spot on with the narrative as well. 
The Rams game was won by the kicker who is from Lincoln, Nebraska. Then the Patriots won on a Touchdown by Rex Burkhead who played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln. 
Notice too that Burkhead wears # 34. 

Chiefs vs Patriots Super Blood Wolf Moon-Moses
Go watch the video I made talking about the eclipse happening at the same time of this game. I talked about how the Super Bowl is on the 34th day of the year and this number is important to the Civil War and Moses. 
The Rams have only won 1 Super Bowl and it was SB 34 that was in Atlanta. 
Also interesting the Patriots won SB 51 over Atlanta scoring 34 points in Tom Brady's 34th playoff game. 

Yesterday the Fordham Rams lost to the George Mason Patriots in basketball. 
Remember the Los Angeles Rams got their name because their owner was a fan of the Fordham Rams who played in the first ever televised football game. They won with 34 points. 
Donald Trump also attendend Fordham and it was founded on 6/24 the anniversary of Modern Freemasonry founded. 
Vince Lombardi also played for the Fordham Rams. 

There's a bunch of other things that were important in this game too. 

The Chiefs last drive in regulation where they made the score 31-31 began on the 31 yard line with 32 seconds left. 
Chiefs=32 and 31(rev red)

Notice when they tied the score at 31-31 the kick was at 11 seconds. 
11th prime is 31. 
39 yard field goal on a drive that began with 39 seconds. 
Just thinking about Moses and the 39 books of the Old Testament. 

Mahomes had 31 pass attempts. 

My favorite part is that I was watching how the Eclipse would sync up to the game. The Patriots won with 37 points and it was in the 37th minute after the eclipse when they scored the winning TD. 
It was about 11 or 12 seconds before 38 minutes. 
It started at 8:36:29 and the Patriots scored at 9:14:18. 

Rex Burkhead also played with SUH at Nebraska. 


  1. you guys ready for a wild prediction for SB 53?
    Patriots backup qb finishes the game
    Brian Axel Hoyer
    B.A.H = 218
    he was 10,013 days old when Francis became Pope and SB 53 will be 113 days after his bday
    He went to St. Ignatius High School

  2. Patriots 57th playoff game on the day the Lamar Hunt trophy turned 1776 weeks old. Moon = 57. I was onto the Mars coding way back. The Rams shouldve seemed obvious to me. Mars moved into Aries to begin 2019. Mars will be at the 23rd degree of Aries to begin the Super Bowl.