Friday, January 11, 2019

Bam Margera leaves rehab after 10 days-Death of Ryan Dunn

Bam Margera leaves rehab after 10 days? 
Ten Days=25
Rehab=25 also 29(rev red)...10th prime is 29. 
MTV aired 25 episodes of Jackass. 
He leaves on the 10th day of the year. 
Notice how a reason he left was because he was paying 10 people too. 
He also writes that he was sober from January 10th until July 2018. 

Notice it's 104 days after his bday. 
Brandon Cole Margera=104

Notice the Ryan Dunn picture too in the background. Bam started having a drinking problem with the death of Ryan Dunn...
He even died on his 10th day of being 34. 

Notice that Ryan Dunn died 3 months 9 days after Johnny Knoxville's bday and 3 months 9 days before Bam's bday. 
Ryan Dunn=39
Bam Margera is currently 39 years old. 

Steve-O has been sober for 10 years since 3/9 of 2018 too. 

Notice it's also 101 days which is fitting as the first episode of Jackass aired on 10/1. 
Ten days=101(reverse)

It makes sense Johnny Knoxville being born on 3/11 too..
64th prime is 311
Philip Clapp=64

Bam leaves Rehab 204 days after the anniversary of Ryan Dunn's death. 
Ryan Matthew Dunn=204

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