Sunday, January 6, 2019

Jeff Bridges gets Cecil B. DeMille Award-Buzz Aldrin-January 20-21st Eclipse

I previously documented about Jeff Bridges winning this award at the Oscars but I overlooked what the award was called. I said how him winning this award was synced up to the moon and the Eclipse on January 21st 2019....
Notice the award is named in honor of Cecil B. DeMille who died on 1/21. 
Cecil B DeMille=77
Cecil Blount DeMille=77

Supposedly while on Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin even jokingly referred to himself as Cecil B. DeAldrin too. 

Notice Buzz Aldrin born on 1/20....

The eclipse beings on 1/21 UTC time, but it begins in other places on 1/20. 

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