Sunday, January 6, 2019

Allen Hurns breaks ankle during Cowboys vs Seahawks game-Stephen King-Ty Hilton Clown Costume

Allen Hurns gets his ankle broken in the Cowboys vs Seahawks game tonight. 
Notice it was 1 month 24 days after his bday. 
Allen Hurns=43, 124
Dallas Cowboys=43
Seattle Seahawks=43

He was tackled by # 30 when the Cowboys were leading 3-0. 
Today is also 30 days before Super Bowl 53. 

I also want to point out that when he got injured 2 of the Seahawks players turned around front and center and their names are "Stephen" and "King". 
Think about how the Colts player Ty Hilton wore the Clown Costume today as well.....It...Stephen King.....a theme I've been following for a while. 
Also interesting the other guy on the left is "CLARK"...I just documented about the Cowboys and Dwight Clark...

Look at the other top stories on ESPN. 
Warriors KINGS combine for NBA Record. 
Stephen(crown) lead the way with 10 Three's. 

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