Sunday, January 6, 2019

China lands on Far Side of the Moon-Government Shutdown-Pink Floyd The Wall/Dark side of the Moon

This story of China landing on the Far/Dark side of the Moon is super interesting. 
Think how it comes during the government shutdown in regards to the WALL....The Great WALL of China....Pink Floyd...The Wall...Dark Side of the Moon. 
This story also happens the same day Steph Curry wears Moon Shoes against the Houston Rockets of all teams. Curry just said the Moon landing was fake before this. 
Far Side=35
Dark Side=35

Yutu Two=35
Curry scored 35 points in the game. 
Moon Shoes=120
We have an eclipse coming on 1/20-1/21. 
Remember in 2017 the day Eugene Cernan died the Cavs lost by 35 to Warriors...A bunch of 35 in that game. 
We also had the death of CHYNA Thomas that was synced to the's interesting Isaiah is currently on the Denver Nuggets who are winning the West too. 
Curry and Cernan both born on 3/14. 

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