Friday, January 11, 2019

Michael J. Fox gets his first Tattoo just before the WOLF Moon-T-Wolves Coach fired and interim is Flip Saunders son

We got a story of Michael J. Fox getting his first Tattoo yesterday. Think how I've been saying that Teen Wolf is important to Levi's stadium and also the upcoming WOLF MOON. 
Notice Yahoo puts this article below the main article with Colin Kaepernick who took a knee in Levi's Stadium. 
The Ten Commandments=71
The College Football Championship played on 1/7 or 7/1 in Levi's Stadium. 

Michael J. Fox gets his first Tattoo 7 months 1 day after his bday. 
First Tattoo=71(rev red)

He's age 57...
Remember on December 19th 2018 I got a copyright claim on my Teen Wolf Video......64 days the day I put that video out. 
It was also 56 days before Lupercalia.."Wolf"=56
Forty Niners=64
Why Dwight Clark died on 6/4...remember he was important to the National Championship with the Eagle landing on the Notre Dame fan. 
It's also why we got the Minnesota Timberwolves coach firing and the Bulls firing of Fred Hoiberg then losing by 56(Teen Wolf).....Zach Lavine(Teen Wolf) played for T-wolves and now the's why the T-Wolves have Derrick ROSE. 
It's why Flip Saunders son is now coaching the Minnesota Timberwolves too. 
Flip Saunders died in connection to Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins who were the first to play in the ABA and NBA out of HS...Garnett's coach was Saunders...original Teen Wolf out of's why later that year Kobe retired in connection to Moses Malone...Kobe out of's why the T-Wolves fired Thibodeau after winning against the Lakers this year. 

Michael J. Fox is also the voice of Milo in the cartoon Atlantis...thinking about how the NBA/NFL are related and the Super Bowl being in Atlanta. 


  1. Moses Malone? MM, 13 13. That is also symbolic of the Virgin Mother. MM is very important stuff

  2. MICHAEL Jackson was a Werewolf in his Music Video "Thriller" and HBO has released in January,
    a 2-PART series called "Leaving Neverland". The series is about his alleged child sex abuse scandal.
    "Leaving Neverland"=75(Full & Jewish Red's.) 75/57