Sunday, January 29, 2017

Atlanta Olympic Bombing Alice- Heart Attack (short post)

Remember the Atlanta Olympic Bombings?
Eric Robert Rudolf a Carpenter detonated three pipe bombs inside a US Military ALICE Pack killing 1 injuring 112
Alice Pack=112(Jewish)
The bombs in a Alice pack and the only death was a lady named Alice Hawthorne. 
Alice Hawthorne=70
Notice another guy died age 40 as he was running to the scene. 
Atlanta Falcons=40

The bombings happened where a band called Jack Mack and the Heart Attacks was playing lol. So the only 2 people who die in this are Alice who dies from a bomb in a Alice Pack and some guy running to the scene of a Heart Attack while the band with Heart Attack in their name was playing. 

I really have to go to bed, but tomorrow night I'm gonna look more at this. 


  1. I was looking at Ga-Ga's Bad Romance video, which is just a fuckshow of predictive programming. Even ends with her in Jesuit/Falcon Black and Red.
    Anyway, there are a bunch of rich fucks placing.bids on her. There is a computer with a.countup. It pauses just beforema.billion or some such, saying


    97th Season
    69 for Atlanta
    41 for Brady being 4-1 with a loss
    Or maybe for the 410 for Tribe of Dan

    Jesuits are ushering in the anti-christ, seems to be the theme

    1. Also on that Computer in the video it says

      BIDS=15, 93

      So I thought I would look at the 1993 season. Its another gold mine.

      Atlanta lost to Houston in Houston 17-33

      They finished the season in Phoniex with a loss 10-27(The Tribe of Dan=127)

      New Englands played Houston at home and lost 28-14 on 10/17, like 117. And 14 is all over this Superbaal.

      New England played Phoniex and won with the same score as this year 21-23.

      New England won their last 4
      Atlanta lost their last 3.
      Brady will be 4-3 with a loss.

      Only was Patriots win is if they blatantly cheat.

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    1. GaGa also has a song called The Queen with refs to Phoniexs Rising.