Sunday, April 14, 2019

Synchronicity with Claire and Scooby Doo tonight-310-Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Wizard of Oz?-Lion

I was sitting here writing some stuff up on my notepad and Claire came over and saw the Gematria Calculator opened. She was like.."ooo can I type something in there" and I let her. I was trying to explain how Gematria works to her, but she wasn't quite understanding it. She then typed in Scoobe-Doo and I corrected her that it was "Scooby". I then explained that S was the 19th letter and C was the 3rd letter and so on...then you add them up. I said, "Does that make sense"? Right as I said that the TV said, "Makes Sense" was Fred on the above episode of Scooby Doo. 
It's the 30th episode...
Makes Sense=30

I noticed too that "Make Sense"=276(Jewish)

Look at this though....
Remember I noticed the 310 stuff because of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Notice this episode of Scooby Doo is all about Vampires too. In the post about Buffy I mentioned Scooby Doo as well. 

Also "Sarah Michelle Gellar"=413(Jewish)
Today is 4/13...
San Francisco=413

Buffy the Vampire Slay=310
Buffy Summers=310(rev Franc Baconis)
The TV Show premiered on 3/10. 
Luke Perry died 3 months 10 days after my post. 
Remember too Corey Haim died on 3/10. 
Corey Feldman defended Michael Jackson the same day Perry died reminding us of The Lost Boys(vampires)...Neverland...Buffy...
I watched Lost Boys 2 and heard a whistle that was also in Claires favorite cartoon Troll Hunters...The guy who wrote the songs name was 310(Edvard Hagerup Grieg) and it was for a play(Peer Gynt) that came out on the day leaving 310 days in the year. The Story of Feldman came out in the media 3 months 10 days before Griegs bday. 
There was so many 310's going on with these stories. It's interesting the Sarah Michelle Gellar story was around Thanksgiving and "Turkey"=310. There is a lot going on with the Country Turkey as well that's important to this. 

I'm just thinking how last night I mentioned Merrick Garland too....In the Buffy Post I mention Donald Sutherland who plays Merrick....Donald's bday is 7/17 which is something I talked about last night too...both things I haven't really blogged about but mentioned in that video. 
Merrick Garland=624(satanic)
Claire's bday is 7/30 which is 7/17 on the Julian Calendar too. 

Today is 3 months 4 days before Sutherland's bday. Also 34 days after 3/10 and Luke Perry died on 3/4. 

In regards to the Wizard of Oz and Nipsey Russle being the Tin Man in "The Wiz"....Michael Jackson was also in that the episode name above "How to Train Your Coward" reminds me of the Cowardly Lion. 
Kansas is also the 34th state and joined 34 days before 3/4...The last state to join the Union before the Civil War. 
Nipsey Russel's real name is "Julius"...Julian/Julius. 
Courage=34(Cowardly Lion)
I probably need to watch "The Wiz" but I really don't want to haha. I tried a long time ago and just couldn't get into it.

Waynes World does the spoof of Scooby Doo(Aurora)
Also I almost forgot that Osama Bin Laden was born on 3/10. 
Selassie=310....plane crash on 3/10...Lion

Since Fred on the show said "Makes Sense" I figured I'd look up the guy who plays Fred. Notice how Wikipedia mentions his performance as the Cowardly Lion in his colleges theater production? 
Franklin Wendell Welker=312(FB)
Born on 3/12. 

It's also interesting that Judy Garland died exactly 2 months 22 days before Scooby Doo originally aired in 1969. 
Claire Cowgill=222
August 10th the 222nd day. 
Luke Perry=222(rev Franc Ba)

I see that Ariana Grande remade "Somewhere over the Rainbow" for the Manchester bombing as well. The Manchester bombing was on Julian Edelman's bday on 22/5. Interesting at the Wizard of Oz came out on 8/25 which is the 225th day of the year. 
Notice the Manchester bombing was 810 days before 8/10 this year too. I feel like someone else told me this before, but it makes more sense to me now. 
I wonder if it's something to do with the Manchester United or Manchester City Soccer teams as well...considering the Premier League began on 8/10 this season. 


  1. Darius Garland born in Gary Indiana. 219 area code. Darius Rucker lad singer of "Hootie & the Blowfish" = 222 j ordinal and 2220 Jewish

    1. Michael Jackson also from Gary Indiana

    2. turns out Darius' father Winston played in the NBA for 7 seasons

  2. The Ariana Grande Bombing concert was May 22, 2017 as you have posted. That was the same day Trump was at the Wailing Wall which is 811 days before this 8/11/19, so the same as you have but one day different. What is also interesting is on May 22/17 we had a Google Doodle for Richard Oaks birthday, a native activist known for Occupying Alcatraz in 1969.(May 22 is also the mirror date to August 11, 5/22 is the 142 day leaving 223 days and 8/11 is the 223 day leaving 142.) I was just looking her up because she's headlining the Coachella tonight, April 14/19 and there was a "shower fire" yesterday. From April 14/19 to August 11/19 = 119 days, April 14/19 to August 10/19 = 118 days or 119 incl. end date. Of course we have Tisha b'av August 10/11 and we have the "Outside Lands Music and Art Festival" (= 118) in Golden Gate Park August 9-11, 2019. From April 14/19 to Ariana's 26th birthday 6/26/19 = 74 day incl. end date. From her birthday 6/26/19 to August 11/19 = 47 days incl. end date. Something may happen today or tomorrow, who knows, but we do have a lot of historic events on these two days. Tomorrow we have the 2019th Boston Marathon, 6 years or 313 weeks from the 2013th bombing. 4/15 to 8/11 = 118 days....

  3. "Elias Bickerman speculates that one of the reasons that Zerubbabel was able to rebuild the Temple was because of "the widespread revolts at the beginning of the reign of Darius I in 522 BC, which preoccupied him to such a degree that Zerubbabel felt he could initiate the rebuilding of the temple without repercussions"

  4. The second temple lasted for a total of 585 years