Thursday, April 25, 2019

My Coworker gave me some "Cliffy's" Salsa today after work

Today at a work one of the ladies I work with told me there was some salsa in the walk in cooler I could have. I guess it was leftover from some family gathering she had and she won't eat it. I've had it before as it's homeade by her sister, but I've never got any that came with a label before. So anyway just before leaving work I went into the cooler to take it home and I see this label on's called "CLIFFY's" Salsa....See my last blog post as I've been mentioning there is something important to CLIFF going on. Just another synchronicity to add to the books I guess. 
The lady I work with has name Gematria of 55, 80. 
Gretna, Nebraska=55
Omaha, Nebraska=55, 80

Today is 63 days before her 63rd bday too(4/25 to 6/27). 
She's also the lady that is originally from Earling where the Exorcism stuff supposedly happened. 

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