Friday, April 12, 2019

Julian Theme on CNN right now-Julian Calendar/Back to the Future-Stamford-Marathon-Chelsea Bombs-Lion King

Notice the theme on the CNN headlines tonight? 
Julian Castro....Julian Assange....
I wonder if we are supposed to compare dates with the Julian Calendar in regards to this? We just had the New Zealand shooting on the Ides of March reminding us of Julius Caesar...Plus if you notice...Wikileaks began on 10/4 which is also the last day of the Julian Calendar before it switched to the Gregorian Calendar. 
Julian Assange=133

There's a lot of interesting things with today is 3/29 on the Julian the 88th day....10/4 leaves 88 days in the is also 176 days before 10/4....
10/4 important to Back to the Future Clock..
Christopher Lloyd also born in Stamford, CT. 
He is the nephew of the 32nd mayor of San Francisco as well. He became the mayor in the year 44'.....Julian Castro is 44 years old...Caesar died in 44BC. 
Julian Castro=44
Christopher Lloyd was important because the Chelsea bombing was in 2016 in which the Cubs won the World Series. (Back to the Future)
The Earling Exorcism was important as well in 2016 as it happened 88 years before. 
Seaside Park New Jersey=88=Elizabeth

Plus think about Super Bowl 53 and the MVP being Julian Edelman...the Boston Marathon always happens on Patriots Day. 

Julius Caesar=276(Franc Baconis)

Also in my old posts I mentioned how JD Salinger was from Stamford. In Field of Dreams James Earl Jones' character is based off of the books JD Salinger character. 
Remember W.P. Kinsella died on 9/16 which is the day before the Chelsea bombing....also interesting it's Julian Castro's bday...then in October James Earl Jones' wife died. All summer I mentioned how there was a Field of Dreams narrative going on too. James Earl Jones of course is the LION King who gets killed by his brother Scar. Also his bday is 1/17(bridge)..the same day Chelsea Manning commuted by Obama on Michelle Obama's(Trans) bday. 

James Earl Jones is currently 88 years old...remember how Field of Dreams was synced to the 1989 Earthquake WS and also came out on Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
I even mentioned Michael Bolton lived in Stamford and his last hit single was called "Go The Distance" reminding us of Field of Dreams. He also had an album called "Over the Rainbow". 


  1. killer info. this also means that the great american eclipse was on 8/8

  2. Zach has been on to the 109 coding. Bomb Cyclone = 109 ordinal. Militaty = 109 rev ordinal. Today is 599 days after the Great American Eclipse. 599 is the 109th prime.

  3. Maybe has something to do with Julian Augustus and failed attempt to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem after an earthquake!?