Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Magic Johnson is stepping down as Lakers President of Basketball Operations-Philadelphia Riddle

He's stepping down 128 days before his bday? 
Magic Johnson=128
This has to be a riddle with the 76ers or the Rockets. Remember the day Johnson became President of Operations the Lakers traded Lou Williams for Corey Brewer. 
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania became at state on 12+12+17+87=128

Williams is currently 32 years old. 
Johnson wore # 32 and finished his playing career against the Rockets. In his final season he came out of retirement for 32 games. His rookie season was the Lakers 32nd season. Announced his HIV age 32. 
Luke Walton was the 32nd pick in the draft and wore # 32 with the Cavaliers(LeBron). 

The reason I say Williams is connected to the 76ers is because Wiki still has a pic of him with the 76ers that he played  a good part of his career with. Plus his bday being the anniversary of Philadelphia on the day leaving 65 days in the year. 
Corey Brewer=65
Earvin Johnson=65

Corey Brewer from Portland, Tennessee which is interesting because the Lakers are playing Portland tonight. 
The only time the Blazers have won a championship was against the 76ers. The MVP of the Finals was Luke Walton's father Bill. Plus with the Virginia stuff connected to Ralph Sampson....his final season in college was 1983 which was the last time the 76ers won the NBA Finals. Houston lost to NC State in the college championship that year. 
Plus remember the beginning of the season with the Carmelo Anthony stuff and the Rockets? Carmelo played for Syracuse and then we got the Jim Boeheim car accident this year. The 76ers were originally the Syracuse Nationals. 

Plus Allen Iverson connected to Virginia...All the stuff connected to Teen Wolf with Kevin Garnett and Flip Saunders son now coaching the T-wolves....it's connected to the death of Moses Malone/Darryl Dawkins...

Also Magic Johnson was the president of operations for 777 days or 2 years 1 month 19 days....
Philadelphia Seventy Sixers=2119(Jewish)

On a side note in regards to what I have been documenting the past month...
Today is 3 months 10 days after LeBron's bday. 

Today also 9 months 9 days(end date) after the Lakers story of getting LeBron. Today is the 99th day of the year and the 76ers just lost with 99 points to the Heat. 

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