Friday, April 12, 2019

Trump's eye with Media reflection going viral on April 10th

This story happened on 4/10. 

This came the same day as the Black Hole story...The Black Hole was Orange which reminds us of Donald Trump. Plus there were memes going around how Trump's eye was the black hole. 

Tons of subliminal messages in this story as well. 
Trump and the media one and the same..
The "Illuminati" Eye.
Eye=10, 17=Ra=El=God
This story on the 10th of April. 

Jeanne Moos=159
Donald Trump=159
Black Hole=159(eng ext)

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  1. This "Black Hole" story reminds me of Chris Cornell and "Black Hole Sun".
    From April 10/19 to May 13/19 (anniversary of Black Hole Sun release) = 33 days
    From May 13/18 to April 10 (incl. end date) = 333 days, or 47 weeks 4 days
    From April 10/19 to May 18/19 (anniversary of Cornell's death) = 38 "death" = 38
    From April 10/19 to July 20/19 (Cornell's 55th bday) = 101 days, or 3 months 10 days
    including end date to his 55th = 102 days, or 3 months 11 days, or 14 weeks 4 days