Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Chattanooga Bridge Collapse-Jeff Bridges/Ralphie May Theme

A Bridge Collapse in Chattanooga, Tennessee today on 4/1? 
I have mentioned Chattanooga multiple times since the death of my grandma and Ralphie May on this blog being important. Now of all things a "Bridge Collapse". I've been on this theme for a long time and Ralphie May was even super connected to Jeff Bridges. 
A lot of the Bridge stuff is connected to Philadelphia/Happy Gilmore...so it's interesting this story is on 4/1...considering I thought the Eagles would be in the Super Bowl in 2018 because of the 4.1 Earthquake felt in Philadelphia. Then they won with 41 points. 
Super Bowl=41

I'll look more at this tomorrow hopefully. I have to finish some other things and get more than 2 hours of sleep tonight haha. 


  1. I new you would be on this story you have been talking about a bridge collapse

  2. Golden Gate Bridge = 267 Franc Baconis
    Philadelphia area code 267 and location of the Galactic Center aka the astrological Golden Gate Sagittarius A*