Friday, April 12, 2019

Luke Walton leaving Lakers-Royal Family Symbolism-Marathon-2017 Mexico Earthquake-City of Angels

Back in November I talked about LeBron possibly being injured because it would fit with the King narrative. King James would have to die in order for King Charles to become King. 
Luke Walton=134
King Charles III=134
Notice how the article says the KINGS are interested in Luke Walton being their new coach too. 

Walton leaving the Lakers coach 4 months 29 days after Prince Charles bday....he became the head coach of the Lakers on 4/29/2016. 

Remember Walton also was a Laker until 2012-2013 when he traded to the Cavaliers(King Charles/LeBron). This was the same season that Kobe Bryant tore his achilles just before the Boston Marathon Bombing. 
I know this is important too as a Marathon is 26.2 Miles..
Luke Theodore Walton=262(reverse)
Think how they caught the Chelsea bomber on 9/19 and the first US Marathon in Stamford was on 9/19....the 262nd day of the year. This date I have been saying is important to Queen Elizabeth II for almost 5 years now. 
 Queen=26, 62....this year it's 9/19/19. 

9/19 was also the day of the Mexico City Earthquake that was 585 days after Pope Francis visited Mexico City. 
It was on the 32nd annivesary of the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake....think how Luke Walton was the 32nd pick in the draft and wore # 32 with the Cavs....Magic Johnson was all about 32 as well and he just resigned....remember that Puebla Earthquake was synced up to the City of Angels(Puebla) which is Los Angeles too. 
They talked about the Angel of Independence Statue not being harmed during the Earthquake in 2017...but in 1957 the crown part of it with the Greek Goddess Nike fell off...they fixed it in 58'...then it wasn't damage in 1985....think about "Nike"...and Nipsey Hussle's "Victory Lap" album...Marathon...

Thirty Two=85
19(85) was important as well because 58 and 85 are the important earthquake numbers. Pope Francis 585 days...Study of Earthquakes goes back to "Thales of Miletus"=85 in 585BC. 
Pope Francis=58
Charles Ricter died age 85 in the year 85'.
The Big One=85
Richter Scale=58
The worst East Coast Earthquake recorded was in Charleston 58 years 5 days before the next one in Cornwall-Massena in the year 44. CM was a 5.8....then the next was a 5.8 in Mineral, Virginia. 
Pacific Ocean=58, 85

It's also interesting that the Angel of Independence was built on 9/16....I just mentioned this date last night with the bday of Julian Castro...also death of WP Kinsella....
Los Angeles Earthquake=916(satanic)
This year 9/16 will be the 109th anniversary of this statue. 
Los Angeles=109
Philadelphia Earthquake=109
Mexico City Earthquake=109
Mexico constitution began in 1917...the same year as the Our Lady of Fatima reminding us of the ANGEL Gabriel. 
Angels=58....think about the Pope with this...

Think how Bill Walton played for the Trailblazers and the last Lakers game Luke coached was against the Blazers...the City of Roses...the War of Roses in which the Richard III died creating the House of Tudor. 
Richard III died on 8/22 and the English Civil War began on 8/22. 

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