Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Comment on old video about Mandela Effect-Fred Ward-Earthquake

I was typing up my post about Jeopardy and I got this message on an old video. 
This video I was talking about the Mandela Effect in regards to a Fred Ward film called "Time Rider: The Adventures of Lyle/Lynn Swann". 
At the time I went to wikipedia and it said Lynn then months later it was changed to Lyle...I found a bunch of stuff that had both the names listed on it, so I made a video in regards. 
Anyway what is interesting is that Fred Ward I also documented about being in the miniseries called "10.5" that was about The Big One Earthquake on the Westcoast. Remember Kaley Cuoco(Big Bang Theory/Equestrian) is also in that miniseries. Fred Ward also in Road Trip which I mentioned a while back being important with the Pink/Finger/Duck/FRED symbolism. 
Fred Ward is in some other interesting films as well such as "Tremors". 

Just wanted to document this as I'm sure it's important. 
I'm not a Bot Really I'm not...is also an interesting name for a commenter on the old video. 

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  1. Hey I was telling you how Jupiter passes in front of the Golden Gate on November 19th. In heliocentric astrology this happens on Friday September 13th the first day of Anarchadelphia