Monday, April 22, 2019

Brenda Jackson, Mother of Dale Earnhardt Jr dies of Cancer-WALL Symbolism-My 2015 Info-Charlotte-Michael Jordan-Kyle Busch

She dies 111 days(end date) after her bday. 
Dale Earnhardt=111
Kelley Earnhardt Miller=111
Nascar=111(Franc Baconis)


They put emphasis on Dale Jr. in this story..notice she died 194 days after his 44th Bday. 
Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr=194

It's also interesting that it's 5 months 18 days before Dale Jr's bday. 
Ralph Dale Earnhardt=518(Jewish)
The big thing with Earnhardt Sr was all about the Wall symbolism. This is why it was important the Dayton 500 this year fell on the 48th day of the year..the same day as the NBA All Star game in Charlotte..on Michael Jordan's bday. 

Nascar established in the year 48'
2019 is the 48th Cup Series of the Modern Era.
The First Modern Era changed it from 48 races a year to 31. 
Think about how when Earnhardt Sr. died on the final lap of the Daytona 500 the winner was Michael WALtrip too. (Wall Trip). 
The Nascar All Star race is in Charlotte on 5/18. 
It's also the 138th day of the year..
Donald Trump=48, 138
It's also why it was significant that they told us Jimmie Johnson ran in the Boston Marathon this year. The guy who drives the # 48 car. Jimmie Johnson is tied with Earnhardt Sr. and Richard Petty with 7 championships too. 
Also Dale Earnhardt being from a Suburb of Charlotte. 
Nascar founded on the 52nd day of the year 48' as well. 
What I was talking about with Charlotte in 2015 was important to Michael Jordan who was 52 years old at the time..then we got the birth of Princess Charlotte on 5/2...
Jordan is now 56 years old..

Also had "Kyle Busch"=52 and born on 5/ in a wreck at the Xfinity Race in Daytona in 2015 on the 52nd day and broke his leg. He made his comeback at the All Star Race in Charlotte that year and then went on to win the Sprint Cup. He's currently the points leader this year too.

Notice Dale Sr. died at 5:16pm too. 
The All Star Race in 2015 was on 5/16 which is a day I've been watching out for in 2019 as well. 
I started noticing the 516 syncs because of "John C Reilly"=516 and Will Ferrell who are in the movie Talladega Nights together. The sync was from Step Brothers however. 
I don't think it's a coincidence either that John C. Reilly is the voice of "Wreck it RALPH" Dale and Dale Jr's real first name. 
That rope that fell was also the CamCAT rope. 
Kyle Thomas Busch=56=Nascar
Also the Virginia BRIDGEWATER Shooting was connected to Nascar/Racing in 2015. 
Kyle Busch's nickname is "Rowdy" reminding us of the Ronda Rousey/Roddy Piper riddle as well. 
It's also significant that the M and M's car crashed into the Wall because of Earnhardt Sr. and think about Kyle Busch driving the M and M's car as well. 
Also remember when Busch broke his leg in 2015 at the Daytona 500 they made a big deal of why the whole tracks don't have SAFER barriers. The SAFER Barriers came the year after Dale Sr. died. 

I think it's funny that Zach just recently did a video on Dale Earnhardt Sr. because people kept asking him about it. Notice Brenda Jackson also died  8 months 11 days before her bday. 

Dale Sr died on the 49th day of the year age 49. 
The Cup Series' began in the year 49'. 

The guy who founded Nascar was Bill FRANCE. 
49th prime is 227...think about the 8/10 symbolism. 
Bonus Note he died at the 43rd Daytona 500...

Brenda also died 63 days after the anniversary of Dale Sr's. Death. 
Notice too that her and Dale Sr's. bdays were 117 days apart. 
Brenda Jackson=63, 117

Bill France=82 and died age 82. 
Nascar=82(Francis Bacon) and 111(Franc Baconis)
Notice he died 111 days before his bday as well age 82. 

The Current CEO of Nascar is "Jim France"=56=Nascar. 

Kyle Busch races for Joe Gibbs Racing...oddly enough Joe Gibbs son JD Gibbs died on 1/11 this year...notice his bday on the 52nd day of the year...and the annivesary of Nascar being established. 

There are also races on 8/10 and 8/11 this year that we might need to pay attention to. 
It's the 38th season of Xfinity which could be fitting for a death. 

Another thing..I was researching Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly films and I see at one time they were going to make a film called "Border Guards" still hasn't been finished but it was about them guarding the Mexico Border. 
A lot of what I documented about 5/16 and 5/19 was about 8/10, but I'm still watching these days. 

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  1. Brenda Jackson. Michael Jordan. Makes me think of Michael Jackson. I always think about the picture of him with a tiger.